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Abandoned Facility is an Insane Map created by Crazyblox. It has a total of 5 Buttons (3 standard & 2 group). It can be played across all of Flood Escape 2.


This map is, as its name states, located in an abandoned power plant facility. Like the map Crystal Caverns, this is a water-based map. In the beginning of the map, you can see a screen saying "Monitoring Distress Calls" and a few boxes, an Air Bubble, the 2nd button and a few vents, 2 of which lead to separate rooms. Once the entire map has flooded, you must swim through vents, pressing buttons, while making sure that your air doesn't run out. When you enter the final room, you can see it's a large, tall room with many obstacles. You must get through these in order to press the final button and escape.


Some people may be confused in this map. Here's a guide to beat it. (Disclaimer: This guide is for beating the map in solo.) Turn on your button locator in settings to guide you.

  1. First, Go to the first room where the first button is. It is easiest to follow the button locator.
  2. Wait for the flood to rise, then swim up to exit the room.
  3. Next, Get the tank and press the group button on top of the tank you just got.
  4. Go straight to the next room, where you will need to follow a pathway to the third button.
  5. Go to the vent above the 1st room's path and press the 4th button. Be fast as the water usually turns into acid by now.
  6. Get to the last room, then follow the button locator. You will need to do some parkour.
  7. Lastly, get to the exit which is the vent on the wall.

Congrats! You have beaten Abandoned Facility. Easy, right?

Button Amount Roundup

Abandoned Facility has 5 Buttons (used to be 4 before the agility update)

Standard Button = 60%

Group Button = 40%


  • Abandoned Facility is one of the first 4 maps to be created for Flood Escape 2.
    • It is also the 1st Insane map to be created.
  • It used to have the lowest amount of buttons among the other Insane Maps, with only four buttons. This was increased to 5 in the Agility Update, and is now tied with Sinking Ship.
  • There used to be a screen in the main room showing the map Infiltration in the background, leading to theories about the two maps being connected.
    • This, however, was replaced by the Distress Call Detector.
  • The boxes in the main room are un-anchored, meaning that they rise with the flood. They also use the "moveWater" command in order for them to rise.
  • Back then, players swam through the first room after pressing the 3rd button, but after an update, they swim through the room above the first room, from which the first room is visible.
  • There is a shortcut to hitting the last button, where a player can make a long jump from the platform just outside the safe zone to the thin plank leading to the button, instead of starting in a lower platform. Impreciseness often leads to players falling back to the bottom.
  • T his map has a similar vent design from the Ruins maps (Beneath The Ruins and Familiar Ruins) and Flood Escape 1.
  • During early 2017, Abandoned Facility had rusty walls but was later changed during the Beta phase of FE2.
  • During the Halloween update, the acid didn’t rise and turn into lava in the final room due to Crazyblox deprecating EventScript.
  • There was a bug where the water would rise slower than normal, which is fatal since it would turn into acid midway and end the round early.
  • The map's thumbnail, like many others, is not up to date.
  • In the Agility Update, the map was insanely buffed. You must now slide under an obstacle in order to get in the 1st button room, The vents now have obstacles, the room before the final room has been revamped and there's now an extra button. In the final room, you will now have to wall jump and the thin plank to the final button has been replaced with a zipline.
    • Many players say that this map has received the biggest buff in the Agility Update.
  • You can do the No Buttons Challenge in this map by using specific glitches, and you can watch a demonstration here. Note that if none of the buttons are pressed, it doesn't count as a survival.
  • For example if someone is pressing the buttons for you without pressing them.
  • If a rescue mission is activated on this map, the escapee will be located on the floor in the third button's room.


Walkthrough and OST

Abandoned Facility OST
Duration Composer Roblox Library ID Audio
2:59 Manel Navola 1130481767
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