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Abandoned Lava Mines is an Insane Map created by Dr_Right2. It has 7 Buttons, and can be played in FE2 Community Maps.

At the time, this map was the hardest map to test due to a previous buff, but an update made the map possible to beat again.


As the name shows, the map takes place in an Abandoned Lava Mine.

The start point shows broken minecart rails, with pickaxes, and burning parts. There is a platform which goes to a broken rail pole and onto the minecart rails, with a button inside the minecart on the track. pressing the button will cause three platforms to fall and allow the player(s) to jump across to the next button.

The outside of the mines show more to the map, this part is hard because the platforms are close to each other, which gives the player(s) a hard time.

The mines tunnels show what happened inside the mines, there are platforms that lead to another button pressing the fifth button will make the wood board blocking the player(s) disappear via _FadeX.

Past the other mine tunnel, shows another room with platforms and other obstacles. The room also shows a sign.

The final room is like the final room from the previous versions.

Walkthrough & OST


Abandoned Lava Mines - FE2 Map Test - Insane Solo


Waterflame - ThunderZone v2


5 Online- The Doomsday Heist - Mission (Act 3) Music Theme 3 -Version 1-


Undertale OST- 080 - Finale

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