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After The Glorious is a Crazy map (formely Insane) created by Michael228p. It has 10 Buttons and can be played in FE2 Community Maps.


After The Glorious seems to take place in an abandoned Chrominus Lab. The first Room has 2 buttons, both on power boxes leading to a door, which takes 4 seconds to open after pressing the second button on the left.

The second room is a hallway with a corroding box, a pole, and a platform. It used to have three small jumps in the second room until Michael228p replaced it with a platform because it was too hard.

The third room is a tall room with Lava just below a platform, there are also 2 buttons, and if not fast enough the lava will rise and drown the player, the top of the room also has lava as a roof, and pressing the second button will cause both lavas to go down at fast speeds.

The fourth room is a concrete room with futuristic details. In this room you will need to get an Air Bubble to be able to swim in the fifth room and complete the map.

The fifth room is a swimming room, filled with Acid.

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