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Phase 1

The Agility Update is an update that has been implemented to Flood Escape 2 on March 24, 2021. This update includes Sliding and Ziplining. These 2 are the newest mechanics that have been introduced to FE2.


Main article: Sliding.

Sliding is one of the two new mechanics introduced to Flood Escape 2. Sliding helps you with obstacles that have a small gap at the bottom. In order to slide, you must press the 'Ctrl' button or any key you have set. Almost all Hard, Insane and Crazy maps have the sliding mechanic on them.


Main article: Zipline.

Ziplining is the 2nd mechanic that has been introduced by this update. Some maps like Wild Savannah, Familiar Ruins and Gloomy Manor require you to zipline in order to cross big gaps that can't be jumped over. In order to zipline, you must go near one and make contact with the green orb. If you do so, you will start ziplining to the other side. The player doesn't have to do anything while ziplining as the entire process is automatic.

Phase 2

Phase 2 of the Agility Update was mostly a bug fix update that's too small to be considered separate. So it will be joined into here.

Phase 2 was released on 3/24/2021.

The main thing fixed in phase 2 was button lag. Button lag was when the button wouldn't react even though it has been pressed. This was very bad on fast paced maps like Blue Moon.

Status: Patched.

The sliding sections also got a small update. They were updated so that you can see what was on the other side, which was a big complaint by many players. Also some sliding sections in some maps, like the second one in Poisonous Chasm was removed due to community backlash.

Status: Nerfed.

The wall jumps were given a small texture update, combining both the new and old textures.

Status: Tweaked.

Other Notes:

  • The title screen music was changed.
  • Keybinds were changed for new players.
  • The obstacles in the vents of Abandoned Facility were made smaller.
  • Some bugs were also got fixed.



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