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Air Bubbles, (also known as Air Tanks), are a key feature in Flood Escape 2 that give you +300 air but cannot replete. It appears and is essential in Crystal Caverns, Abandoned Facility, and Magmatic Mines. It is the only way to get more air in FE2 and is included in the Flood Escape 2 Map Making Kit. There are also secret air bubbles in Dark Sci-Forest and Poisonous Chasm, which you aren't supposed to be able to access.


An air bubble is seen as a small blue circle with particles coming out of it. When you collect it, it disappears. However, it disappears only to the player that picked it up, so everybody can collect it with ease.


  • Air Bubbles are common in many community maps and some maps have multiple air bubbles. If you collect another air bubble while the current one isn’t depleted, the tank resets to 300.
  • The Air Bubble's original name was Oxygen Tank, as seen in the old map kit tutorial here.
  • Air Bubbles are seen rarely in the actual game due to the game’s main objective: escaping a flood.
  • No Air Bubbles are present in Easy and Normal levels.
    • There used to be an air bubble in Cave System, but it was removed when it was remade.
  • The Air Bubble SFX changed throughout Flood Escape 2’s life.
  • An Air Bubble used to appear in Autumn Hideaway before the map's removal.


  • Air Bubbles doesn't work in lava as lava instantly kills the player.
  • Tanks that you buy in the store do not increase your air, the air bubble is the only way to increase your air as tanks are only cosmetics.
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