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Annihilated Academy is a community-made Insane map made by ThePhoenixMurderer. It has 7 buttons and can be played in FE2 Community Maps.


This map takes place in a destroyed school. Most of the rooms are either the classrooms or the hallway. All of the rooms have either fire or lava pits which serves as the obstacles of the player. The third room is located in the Gym which is a large room. There are no buttons in this room and focuses on parkour. The next room is the swimming pool but instead of water, it has acid. Player must swim in the acid pool to press the button which will open a vent to the locker rooms. After this, players must go back to the pool and players must climb up the obstacles as the lava has started to rise. This part here might be hard for most players as lava will rise fast and the platforms might be tricky. The last room is the reception room and has 3 buttons. Players must hurry in pressing these 3 buttons as the lava will soon flood the room. When you escape the school, you will be greeted with a forest and a statue with a missing right arm.


Phillippines" in Filipino, presumably meaning that the school is located in the Philippines.

  • This map is of many difficult maps to not include water at all.
  • The lava at the end rises diagonally like the Code Breaker rooms in Flood Escape.
  • Despite the creator stating this is an elementary school, there are classes labeled under 7th grade. The reason why this occurs is that school grade levels are different across the globe.
  • ThePhoenixMurderer is also the creator of Western Vicinity, Engulfed Eatery, and Dilapidated Platforms.
  • One of the decals on the wall came from a YouTube animated show Battle for BFB, which is the fourth season of BFDI featuring Four and X from a 2008 animation known as X Finds Out His Value
  • There is also another decal on the wall, including Test Tube from Inanimate Insanity II, with an arrow to the character saying "SCIENCE!!"
  • The map was brought back in EventString by asdManRoblox.
  • PhoenixMurderer is illustrating and writing a comic on this map. This is most likely the first map from map test to get its own comic series.


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