Autumn Hideaway was a Hard map made by Nennai. It had 7 Buttons. It was removed after the 2018-2019 Winter Event. Since June 2019, it has been remade by JiroAzurai and is available on FE2 Map Test.


Autumn Hideaway is a map that was added quite early in the game's development. It is a hard map, but it is known as one of the easiest Hard maps, although this credit can sometimes be given to Snowy Peaks or Crystal Caverns. The map is located at high mountains with a waterfall and lake. The map is filled with a lot of trees and wooden equipment like fences, torches, bridges, etc. It is also filled with bushes. Also, if you hit the 6th button, you will hear a stone gate sound and it will open.


Autumn Hideaway is formerly the easiest Hard map in Flood Escape 2. However, if the server is full of slow or lazy people, death usually occurs between the second and third buttons.

This map is just a little bit harder than Mysterium, which can easily lead the server towards Insane, even in a normal server. Since it's remake, it is a bit harder than the original, with a new area being added.


  • An invisible arrow at the ladder to the finish line is formidable in the original. Some players climb this arrow to get up without pressing the last button. Someone still has to press the last button for the gate to open.
  • An Air Bubble does appear on this map, but it's actually only needed for the person who will press the 3rd button. Some people use it anyways or the one going for the button doesn't use it at all, of which still has a chance of survival.
  • The bridge you use to get to the 4th and 5th buttons used to break upon pressing the 5th, now it just disappears. This was changed to remove a ton of lag players would receive upon the bridge breaking.
  • The corner in the End Zone is the way to glitch out of the map to troll players, but this happens very rarely. This is impossible in the newer version.
  • Most players don't know the previous features on this map. In the Alpha Version, there is only one truss leading to the upper part of the map. The truss that leads to the End Zone was a very small truss which makes players challenge to climb up. The acid instantly turns into the lava after pressing the third button.
  • The ceiling above the second button in the original is missing.
  • When this map was made, players did not expect an underwater button. This led them to believe the map was impossible for several days because they couldn't find the button.
  • Autumn Hideaway was removed because of an incident that happened back in early 2018 involving the creator. This led to Crazyblox deciding that he should cut all ties with the Nennai[1], leading to the removal of Autumn Hideaway later that year.
  • In Summer 2019, Autumn Hideaway was remade by a growing map developer who had recently gotten attention for his map Dense Swamp.
  • JiroAzurai was warned by Nennai, Autumn Hideaway's original creator, to ask her before remaking any of her work.
  • The remake used to have an extension.
  • JiroAzurai's version of Autumn Hideaway is missing button 6.
  • To pay homage to the hole above the second button in the original, there is an open hole above the second button.
  • This map used to be the most used map for the No-Button-Challenge.
  • Despite the original soundtrack video being deleted, it was reuploaded on a different channel beforehand.



Walkthrough and OST

Flood Escape 2 OST - Autumn Hideaway

Flood Escape 2 OST - Autumn Hideaway

Flood Escape 2 - Autumn Hideaway

Flood Escape 2 - Autumn Hideaway

Waterflame - Disposition

Waterflame - Disposition

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