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"Goodbye, old friend."

This map has been removed from all of Flood Escape 2. It can no longer be played.

Autumn Hideaway was a community-made Hard Map created by Nennai. It had 7 standard buttons and was removed from Flood Escape 2 on January 2019. This is the only official Flood Escape 2 map to be removed completely.


Autumn Hideaway is located on high mountains with a waterfall and a lake. The map is filled with a lot of trees and wooden equipment like fences, torches, bridges, etc. and you can see a wooden hut near the 2nd button. Also, if you press the 6th button, you will hear the gate make a stone moving sound before it will open. Although, this was only available in FE2 Community Maps prior to its removal.


Autumn Hideaway was formerly one of the Hard Maps in Flood Escape 2 and was claimed as the easiest Hard Map. However, if the server is full of a newer audience, the round usually ends around the waterfall.

Many players tend to survive this map, which can easily lead the server towards Insane, even in Normal servers.


Autumn Hideaway was removed due to an incident taking place in late 2018 involving the creator. This forced Crazyblox to cut all ties with Nennai[1], leading to the removal of Autumn Hideaway and all of her maps from FE2 Community Maps in early 2019. The soundtrack for the map was privated on YouTube, but was reuploaded by someone else.

During 2019, Roblox user JiroTheWolfie remade Autumn Hideaway and another map by Nennai in the name of preservation. It was later taken down after Nennai noticed it. It was reinstated but was later taken back down by rbill13's request. There were several attempts to bring this map back by other people, but were eventually ceased in a takedown request.


  • This map is highly considered by players to be a predecessor of Fall Equinox.
  • The invisible arrow beside the ladder to the finish was accidentally left collidable, serving as a skip.
  • An Air Bubble used to appear on Autumn Hideaway but was only necessary for the person willing to press the third button or if the water transformed into acid.
  • The bridge used to get to the fourth and fifth buttons used to break upon pressing the latter, but was changed so that it would vanish instead of collapsing. It was changed due to performance issues.
  • You used to be able to corner-clip out of the End Zone as a method of trolling.
  • There used to be only one truss leading to the end of the map. The truss that leads to the end was small, increasing difficulty. It was later widened to ease players.
  • In its first version, the acid instantly turned into lava upon pressing the third button.
  • The ceiling above the second button is missing.
  • When this map was made, players were unaware of the location of the third button, leading to theories that it was impossible.
  • This map was the most popular candidate for the No Buttons Challenge.
  • The map was initially found when Flood Escape 2 (2017 Release) was first released to the public, but was removed shortly after discovery.
  • This map and Eerie Peaks are the only unplayable maps as of now.


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