Axiom is an Easy Map made by udayk8139 (aka bouyantir). It is commonly called the second hardest easy map due to the hard jumps on the second floor. It has 5 Buttons.


Axiom's design is very unique. Many aspects were added into the map by Crazyblox before added into the game from Map Testing. These include the boxes with antennas, less octagon jumps on the second floor, and other small changes in decorations. Even so, the ladders and other designs are unique at this level.


  • It is the only easy map where the Acid turns into Lava.
  • The yellow glowing wall in the finish line is a secret way to go out of the boundaries. Just glitch throughout this wall then you will see what's beyond the map.
  • As a joke, the community states it as the hardest map in the game after Flood Escape 2 YouTuber Occida made a sarcastic comment about Axiom being the "hardest level in the game".
  • This map was also updated in the May 2018 Update. The stairs near the fourth button were turned into blocks rather than thin platforms.
  • The design of the buttons is exactly identical to the buttons of the map Dark Sci-Forest.
  • If you fall on the second floor jumps, keep jumping in the water you fall into until it rises enough to jump on the ledge on the front of the large walls that stick out into the water. You should be able to jump up before you run out of Oxygen.
  • This map was changed and edited in FE2 Map Test many times.
  • There is an invisible block in the exit.The invisible block is located at the right side of it.
  • During the Alpha Version of the game, this map looked quite different. For example, there were no boxes similar to Dark Sci-Forest in that time, and the parkour platforms in the second room changed.
  • The ladders in the Alpha period tended to never work, so the player had to wait until the water rose to their head to boost themselves up the ladder. In FE2 Map Test, the ladders still happen to do this.
  • Most players don't know that there is a troll in this map. In the midway towards the last part, glitch through the walls right after the acid is near you. You need the acid to swim up to the map.

Walkthrough and OST

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