Beanos is a community Crazy map by BuildIntoGamesMaster. It has 4 standard buttons and can be played in FE2 Map Test.


Beanos was meant to be a joke map and a layout. The first few buttons‘ areas are all basic and have no detail. The tower has purple walls and lava that rises quickly. The player must complete the tower without making a single mistake otherwise they drown to the fast lava. It has wall jumps that the player must climb quickly, as it is vital to the player’s survival. Some of the areas of the tower are time-restricted, and only open if the lava is in its sufficient position. The top of the tower is open, having thin platforms, and the fourth button. The open ceiling closes after pressing the fourth button and the player needs to backtrack to complete the level. The last few platforms are colored like a rainbow and the last set of wall jumps are purple and have white textures. The exit region is a basic green block.


  • The song which was played from Beanos originally comes from Holy Tony's video - SpongebobChaseFreestyle and also inspired by a character resembling a purple bean with staring eyes, and a weird smirk.
  • There are also similar versions similar to this map, such as: Poopis (3167929455) and Coronavirus (3449774710).
  • Players usually die at the first half of the tower due to the extremely fast lava and circumstances being very narrow for the player to make it through with wall jumps ranging from the top to the bottom of the tower and also platforms which need to be jumped carefully and also fast enough to avoid the rapidly rising lava.
  • Muscle memory is mainly required for this map as it is about getting to the top of the tower without falling off or without the lava catching up to slower players and the lava is narrowly under, so one mistake will result in the player drowning in the lava.
  • There aren’t much shortcuts for this map, but there are players who take shorter edges so they can save as much time as possible.


Beanos exploded in popularity after Pun9425 created a video (can be found in Walkthrough and OST) of the map, and the explosion of Beanos outside Flood Escape 2. The video currently has 334,582 views (as of August 26, 2020) and is a common map in most VIP servers following its rise. However, it started to plummet as 2020 progresses.

Walkthrough and OST

FE2 Map Test (Solo) - Beanos -Crazy-

FE2 Map Test (Solo) - Beanos -Crazy-


Holy Tony - -SpongebobChaseFreestyle

Holy Tony - -SpongebobChaseFreestyle

Background music of the map

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