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Beneath The Ruins (BTR for short) is an Insane map created by Crazyblox. It has a total of 9 Buttons (7 standard & 2 group), and is considered by many as the hardest Insane map, along with Dark Sci-Facility.


The design and theme of this map is similar to that of Familiar Ruins, as it takes place right after it. The first room shows the ruined FE1's Final Room, with the floor having cracks and the back wall having a large hole. The rooms the player will encounter are mostly the ruins of the maps of FE1, with the exception of the 5th button's room, which is the destroyed hallway of the Training Rooms. Throughout the map, boxes can be seen, some of which are floating in the lava, which is used as platforming. After entering a small crack in the wall, it will lead to the last room of the map, which is a vast and open area with only the remnants of the foundations of the original FE1 maps. At the end, the FE1 Guide can be seen, leaning against a crate.


  • When the map was still in development, its difficulty was originally Hard.
  • This is the first map that controls the flood by pressing buttons, as the second and third buttons both lower the flood. Please take note that lowering does not cancel out rising. The other maps that controls the flood are Sunken Citadel and Magmatic Mines.
  • BTR is the sequel of Familiar Ruins, since the map starts where Familiar Ruins ended, in the Code Breaker Room of the original Flood Escape.
  • This map used to receive minor criticism for being the only map not having a separate theme, as even Dark Sci-Forest and Dark Sci-Facility are different when it comes to theme.
  • When you spawn in the map, you will see the outside is blocked off with stone. The red flashes coming from the cracks of the stone suggest that the outside of the FE1 Lobby is entirely flooded with lava.
  • The map's development and release has generated a lot of hype within the game, as even Crazyblox created many codes for it.
  • BTR is one of few maps to have the longest gameplay within FE2.
  • There is a massive shortcut on the third button. Once it is pressed, the lava will descend. Instead of going around the room, jump at the platform of the wall jump. However this is a big risk to take as the platform is far away.
  • The map in FE2 Community Maps is not the original map but was instead rebuilt by PlaceRebuilderre and CrazymanNew. The map was mainly created so players who have difficulty beating the map in the official game can practice there.
  • Crazyblox tweeted that he used his own vocals to produce the Beneath The Ruins soundtrack. You need to listen with sharp ears to listen to them closely.
  • Beneath The Ruins' soundtrack loops in its YouTube video, however its in-game version doesn't.
  • A picture of this map can be seen in the secret room of Sunken Citadel.
  • When Crazyblox was still working on this map, he posted on Twitter 2 pictures,[1][2] and 2 videos[3][4] of BTR.
  • The soundtrack played in the 2nd video sounds very similar to BTR's unused OST.
  • *In the Agility Update, this map got buffed withthe new sliding mechanics scattered throughout the map. Also, some shortcuts got patched, the main one being the shortcut in the fifth room that let you jump from the starting platform to the 6th button.
    • Ironically, the most infamous shortcut in the beginning that lets you skip the 2nd room and go straight into the cave was not patched out at first. But on August 2 2021, the shortcut was finally patched.
      • Also, the passageway to the final room is no longer dark, which is useful to players as it helps them to see better.
  • Beneath The Ruins is currently the only Insane Map to have a Skin.
  • If a rescue mission is activated, the escapee will be located after the fifth button at a detour from the main route.
    • The escapee for the rescue mission is the FE1 Guide instead of a randomly selected avatar.
      • If the players beat the map with the Guide as the escapee, the guide who would usually be leaning against the crate would be absent from that spot.


Walkthrough and OST

Beneath The Ruins OST
Duration Composer Roblox Library ID Audio
2:13 Crazyblox 1581928317


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