• FE2Lover360


    September 20, 2020 by FE2Lover360


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  • Greeper782

    The artice about sinking ship says that the ost is based off of the jaws theme, however i think that is incorrect. I think that actually is incorrect, it sounds more similar to an unused section of the song "Your Best Nightmare" by toby fox. Listen to it here

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  • The21Shop

    Flood Escape 2 Map Ideas

    September 4, 2020 by The21Shop

    Crazyblox should read these beautiful ideas below!!!!

    The new maps should be added to Flood Escape 2.

    Demon moon is a crazy map that is a replica of Blue Moon but red and the lava is red looking water. It is a little bit easier than Blue moon but about the same. It's main color is red.

    Oil rigged is a hard map from FE2 MAP TEST that is moved to FE2.

    Beehive is a map that has honey. Honey acts as acid. There are 5 buttons in the map. It's main color is gold.

    Below are the listed shop changes.

    Players can go faster by purchasing speed boosts for coins. It can be upgraded 5 times. Each upgrade adds 20% speed for the player. After purchasing tier 5, the player will go x2 faster. The table for the cost is shown below starting at 300 coins. After purc…

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  • Defyinginhell

    recorded photos august 19 2020 18:29, shot aug 18 2020 4:41 and 20:27 respectively

    Pro Server lobby photo and FE2 Testing lobby photos

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  • Rachelthedoublelover



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  • DZeP


    May 28, 2020 by DZeP

    After ONE YEAR of practice... omg, and I did it two times I’m so proud of myself. Hope they add a new crazy soon :D my life is complete

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  • NXko

    stuff i like (games)

    May 4, 2020 by NXko

    my favourite  flood escape 2 map is mysterium i have completed  3 insanes  and i am level six because i got a new account it is called fxllen_darnkness pls follow me on wiki fandom and roblox pls 

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  • ScorchingSethi

    THIS IS A MESSAGE ABOUT THE FLOOD ESCAPE 2 COMMUNITY THAT IS IMPORTANT. Credits to ErikGustin13 for writing this! (I am sharing this for the sake of the community).

    Honestly starting to hate people that keep saying this and that about the community 1. You guys can't let go of drama as you keep and keep talking about it over and over again. | 2. Weren't you once in the community? Or aren't you in the community right now? When talking about flood escape's community(including fe1), this game actually has an active community. If anything crazy should be proud of the community for being very engaged into the game. | 3. Maps don't get accepted because people don't meet Crazy's criteria. Trial and error exists as the trial is the map and the error…

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  • Presze

    How to beat Sinking Ship

    April 22, 2020 by Presze

    1. You should Practice first on FE2 Map Test.

    2. Make sure you Have first person/Shift lock on for buttons.

    3. The hardest Part, Hint: Try holding Space when you see a Ladder.

    4. After the hardest Part, no need to Panic anymore, this is the easiest Part of the Map.

    5. If you are doing Solo, You may need to use Shift Lock all the time.

    6. And you are ready To go When you beat the Map!

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  • Violis144

    Kinda new

    April 5, 2020 by Violis144

    So I made an account way back but I thought it was useless for me. Now I'm back so I guess I'm gonna be editing.

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  • Veranzo


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  • Extraordinary1


    March 21, 2020 by Extraordinary1

    I am still pretty new to this Wiki. I am currently helping this Wiki by editing as often as I can.

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  • YesImaUmbreon

    Flood Escape 2 Umbreon Edition (FE2UE) is a map made by ForgotenR4 (aka Umbreon). The aim of FE2UE is to add many new features into Flood Escape 2 Map Test so you can have more fun playing Flood Escape 2 Map Test Whilst still having the base of the game the same.

    FE2UE adds loads of new features and add-ons. The current features consists of:

    • A bunch of maps automatically loaded
    • Abilities, Death effects and modifiers
    • A working shop
    • Better Spectating
    • In game alerts
    • Save data
    • Different menu colours, lobby, lobby music
    • Quests
    • Extra map features
    • Mobile shift lock
    • Leaderboard
    • Modified anticheat

    Whilst a lot of these features are complete there are some which are not, such as Shop, quests and changed lobby. If you have any items for the shop you want to submit pleas…

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  • Snetts13

    Share your cool map codes!

    January 18, 2020 by Snetts13

    DO IT

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  • SuperSpeedProductions

    165 Subscribers

    November 10, 2019 by SuperSpeedProductions

    Hey Guys, SzymonBLOX here just wanted to say thanks for 165 subscribers.

    Can't believe 5 months Ago I had 109 subscribers less.

    I'm Making a MOVIE

    The Sixth Hour is this thriller & action movie where a little boy named Shaun has to collect the orb to reconnect the universe, as its falling apart and could be sucked into the black hole in any seconds.

    If you wanna sub to my channel:

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  • Egtvf1

    Being Lazy

    November 7, 2019 by Egtvf1

    I have noticed that people's eagerness to get buttons is going down to 5% and that irritates me plus it lets everyone down, make theirsevles get less XP and if they want to get on the leaderboard that is POOF as well so basically they're ruining the whole server of FE2 and I can't stand that so please improve your agility and speed.

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  • Egtvf1

    New Map Test looby

    November 7, 2019 by Egtvf1

    The FE2 Map Test lobby has been changed and has the secret room from the Flood Escape 2 lobby the Guide (Ghostly) has also been added and has a new summary UI and it has the map intro just like Flood Escape 2 and I think it will soon have Flood Escape 2's Lobby OST and it has the noticeboard like normal FE2 and has the map sign (secret room cover) and fan art.

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  • Marsium

    Design and Walkthrough

    September 14, 2019 by Marsium

    So I been seeing many "Design" sections on articles as a text-based walkthrough. Despite the header says "Design" but I mostly saw like "Avoid crashing the head in the obstacles of the 2nd room". Based of your experience being on the wiki, you will figure it out.

    Happy editing!

    Also happy birthday to Yolo!

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  • YesImaUmbreon

    Flood Escape 2 Legit Admin (FE2LA) is a map made by ForgotenR4 aka Umbreon. The admin gui is based off of the FE2MT GUI.

    Alert: Sends a alert to all the players currently in the server (Arg1: Text to send)

    Load ID: Same as Load ID from FE2MT GUI (Arg1: ID of map to load or list of maps(see Map packs))

    Enable Map Requests: Adds a button to FE2MT GUI called request which is used to add a map to a request list.

    Change Lobby Music: Changes the lobby music, Requires rejoining to hear it (Arg1: Music id)

    Give Rank: Give admin (Arg1: Player, Arg2: Rank number)

    Better Spectate Mod (BETA): General bug fixes to spectate

    Toggle Game Alerts: Toggles alerts for when people die, press a button. etc.

    Practice Mod (BETA): Adds a speedrun timer and makes it so you automa…

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  • MUSKA338999


    August 12, 2019 by MUSKA338999

    MUSKA338999 (talk) 09:49, August 12, 2019 (UTC)stpnh This my profile 

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  • SuperSmashyCyber


    August 6, 2019 by SuperSmashyCyber

    Here are a few tips to get better in Flood Escape 2:

    1. Get Those Buttons!

    It's pretty self-explanatory but getting those buttons give you more XP.

    2. Gotta Go Fast!

    You have to be quick when reaching for the buttons! The key is not stop moving. Also, you can put on shift lock because it's more easier but that's up to you.

    3. Very Important Server

    Buy or try to find a V.I.P server so you can practice the maps without a lot of commotion.

    4. Laaaaaazy

    This is VERY common and a lot of people encounter this; you may see people being lazy and not pressing the buttons. Well.... STOP DOING THAT. Being lazy and just waiting for someone to press the button for the next platform or room to show up is not good as it can lose your chances for XP and leveling up. Go…

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  • Oofgamer321


    August 6, 2019 by Oofgamer321

    Hello everyone my roblox username is successidot1985 you might think. My name is weird probaly because am weird i love flood escape 2 and am a pro i think lvl 34 rebirth 1.This first but i will make.some more

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  • SuperSpeedProductions

    Who Am I?

    June 25, 2019 by SuperSpeedProductions

    I am Szymon2474, mostly having 56 subscribers, rip :(

    I am an FE2 god, say by most of the players, despite me not doing Startup Failure Lab Easy Ver.

    I am a singer, learning to be better, still WIP.

    In FE2 Map Test, I play challenge maps.

    Here are the challenge maps I've beaten:

    • Shutdown
    • Hyperspace
    • Digitalized
    • Dystopia
    • Electrodynamix (My Map)

    My map, Electrodynamix, made with me and my friends is a challenge map, as the lava speed is very fast, althought it got nerfed, but it'll go SUPER FAST.

    Sadly, the script is broken, but here are some pictures of the map. Its pretty good for me, not gonna lie.

    Anyways, I'll update this with more blogs coming soon. Cya

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  • OTTERBOY67898

    Me and MonterBox: Dark sci Facility! We need to escape! MonterBox: WE ARE GONNA DO THIS LONG JUMP! JUUMMMPPPP! Me: Phew, we escaped that. Me: cmon! We’re on the poles! Meanwhile... Mayrushart And DenisPlays Dies. CrazyBlox Is the closest to death. Me and MonterBox: CMON! WERE ALMOST THERE! Noober568: Just 1 ladder left! Me, Noober568 and MonterBox finish the level, everybody else died, the end!

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  • Master Wolf Gaming

    Rated Dif Out Of 100: 87/100

    Remamake Of Dark Sci-Facility but 10 times harder!




    Rated Dif Out Of 100: 86.5/100Very crisp turns are needed with extremely hard to escape lava!




    Rated Dif Out Of 100: 86/100

    Very fast lava, timings with lazers have to be perfect, not the most of memory is needed.




    Rated Dif Out Of 100: 85/100

    Around a normal crazy in the beggining but climes to a very hard crazy at the end.



    Rated Dif Out Of 100: 84.5/100

    Soo many buttons with gltichy jumps that kick you out of game, know as imopossible for a while, yet completed now. You get a lot of time.



    Rated Dif Out Of 100: 84/100The Reason this level is rated so high because there are some harder then it looks jumps, the lava is decently fast also a lot of memory is req…

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  • Marsium

    Blog 14: Ending weekly blog

    December 30, 2018 by Marsium

    I am sorry to hear this, but I will not post blog weekly.

    I have a lot of stuff going on. I am also rarely play Roblox. I still post blogs for other stuff I like show you.

    If you like me blogging, go to Battle for Dream Island Wiki because I blog a lot there and hang out a lot of other people. I go there most of the time.

    If you like to hang out with me, go to Discord server of this wiki. I do not chat a lot, but you can still chat with me live.

    If you do not know, I have a website. Go here.


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  • Marsium

    Blog 13: My first music

    December 22, 2018 by Marsium

    Sorry for not posting blogs. I got a busy month.

    I made my first music today! Go listen to it!

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  • Cataski


    December 9, 2018 by Cataski

    What FE2 do you think will be revamped next? Not counting any new maps or Northern Workshop.

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  • SpeedBoostMan21

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  • Marsium

    Blog 12: Yeah, this is short

    November 25, 2018 by Marsium

    Hey. (Wow so much for introduction.)

    I do not have much to talk about this blog. Anyway, did you got Crazyblox Mk 2? I did not. Comment here below about how you feel having the rarest skin in the game.

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  • Marsium

    Blog 11: S.U.B.

    November 18, 2018 by Marsium

    Hey readers!

    Some people know that I am building a map. The map's theme is about an underwater base having a major leak. Now the base is filling with water and you need to escape. The base is a research facility. There are weird stuff going around in the base when reacting with water. You have to swim through 2 rooms. Each room that you need to be aware of. One room is full of equipped experimental weapons. You need to be careful when swimming near those. The other room is contained of an experimental liquid. Obviously stay away from those.

    That is it about my first map. It may be finished on 2019. I will post some images from the map. Well, see you around!

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  • Guku1234c

    i like disc and roblox

    November 14, 2018 by Guku1234c
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  • Marsium

    Hey users! I am back!

    So I did top 5 maps. But soundtrack? That is different. Here is my top 8 soundtrack on FE2:

    5. Gloomy Manor - It is nice to hear it where there are two sounds make a good rhythm together.

    4. Lost Desert - A intense OST for a very hard map to beat.

    3. Familiar Ruins - It is a modified version of the lobby OST. I just like it.

    2. Abandoned Facility - Smooth with low tone but slowly becoming intense makes and good OST to listen.

    1. Snowy Peaks - It is upbeat and melodic while it is intense and fast makes a great combination of an OST to listen than any OST.

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  • Apabeossie

    Why I left Roblox

    November 4, 2018 by Apabeossie

    IDK why 


    But I'm sure I don't regret it.

    Nice time I had. It's hard to gather all my feelings from 5 months ago.

    You can still see me online in another game


    My friends in Roblox


    I had another one, but I'm about to be through with him.

    I have blocked my Roblox site,





    Bye(I do miss some of you)

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  • Marsium

    Blog 9: My top 5 maps

    November 3, 2018 by Marsium

    Hello wiki readers! It is blog time!

    My top 5 maps on FE2:

    5. Axiom - It is the best easy map yet. It has good design and soundtrack. That is all I can say.

    4. Sky Sanctuary - It is the best normal map. Somewhat, it is a bit harder than other normal map. It is one of those fall and fail maps.

    3. Snowy Peaks - It is the best hard map. It has a great soundtrack that I will keep listen to it again. Harder jumps and distance buttons make it a good map.

    2. Familiar Ruins - I like the soundtrack because it is the remix version of the Lobby soundtrack. It is a bit hard it beat on solo, that what make it the second best map.

    1. Beneath The Ruins - It is the best insane map so far. Not much of the good soundtrack, but it has good design. It is challengin…

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  • Marsium

    Blog 8: Late blogging

    October 29, 2018 by Marsium

    Hello guy! I did not post a blog in time, but at least posted it. I do not have much time so I will do this extremely quickly.

    I made a new variation of rainbow lava. It is a Rainbow White Lava! I hope you like it!

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  • Marsium

    I am unhappy to day. Because of the title of course.

    The best achievement in Flood Escape 2 is reaching day 300 of daily bonus. But that is also the last day before reseting to day 1. I thought I saved day 301, but it reset to day 1 on the next day when I check on the phone. I always wanting to reaching day 365 as it is a year of my longest streak started running. So here is the image of my last daily streak.

    I am proud for reaching this achievement. I sacrifice everything to play Flood Escape 2 consecutively. But now, I am disappointed. I failed reaching further days by doing so.

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  • ArenaCloser12


    October 17, 2018 by ArenaCloser12

    yes im bloxxed xd

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  • Marsium

    Blog time!

    Recently, I am started to play with my PlayStation Portable (PSP-2001 model). Ahh... good times. But sometime it is frustrating to use for two reasons. One, there is no battery inside because one battery do not work and the another but bulkier battery is damaged. Two, the charger is dented and does not fit that most of the time it disconnect the only power source that cause my PSP to turn off instantly because there is no battery.

    Do you have some old device too? Tell me.

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  • Marsium

    Blog 5: Challenge

    October 6, 2018 by Marsium

    Fifth blog is here! Thanksgiving Day (Canada) is coming up in 2 days. I hope you are giving thanks away in Canada. Also there is no school on Monday due to that day, so I might be active all day.

    Are you bored and need something to make it a bit harder? Well try not to rotate your camera and always in fixed position. So like this, you teleported to a map and not to use right mouse button. You cannot use shift lock or first person view. Bit easer than completing a level while looking backwards. If you try that then comment here how many levels did you survived.

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  • Marsium

    Blog 4: Here it is

    September 29, 2018 by Marsium

    Heyllo! How is  going? Fine? Good!

    I created a Raindow Lava! I do not know what I am doing with it. But this is useful for map making to make a unique lava. I might be creating more soon.

    Two days ago, I ask you in the discussion that what map I am going to build taking places? If you have not voted yet, click here. Deadline on next week. Choose one:

    • Secret underwater base
    • Mythical floating island
    • Hidden desert village
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  • IndonesianPlayz

    Look at this

    i screenshot it

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  • Marsium


    You know that I may be not active much during weekdays. The obvious answer is school. I will be only active on morning and night (on my time zone). Between there are school and study. Anyway, it is weekend and I will be active all-day. Yay! I am still creating cool gif. (That what I wanted to called them.)

    I created my own Discord server called Free Islands. You can just do anything you want! I may be there! Join with this link:

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  • Marsium

    Blog 2: Not enough time today

    September 20, 2018 by Marsium

    Welcome back! Did you have a good day? (If you in the area under the hurricane storm, I hope you are safe.)

    I do not have much time on Wednesday and I am making this short and quickly. I will be posting weekly blog on Saturday instead on Wednesday. I currently making a small and short animation. Not something to be proud of, but yeah. That is it for now. See ya!

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  • Marsium

    There is not much going around on . So I am going to start a weekly blog post every Wednesday.

    What do I post? Well I am going to post random and relatable stuff I do.

    I think this is the good time to reintroduce myself.

    This is Marsium. I'm a gamer. I always love playing video games everyday. I like listening to music, and creating images. Yeah, I photograph, illustrate, and photoshop. I also know HTML and CSS. I read a lot of wikis way before I created my account. I read them for gamimg purposes. Most of my time, I read every page on the wiki. I created my FANDOM account months ago. I created it so I can help them with anything. Update the outdated, revert vandalism, and help other users.

    It is not much a good start, but I will do fun thing …

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  • M Family

    Mine is Familyhere

    Mine is 6

    And what do you think of those new auras?

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  • Marsium

    User-page Customization

    August 27, 2018 by Marsium

    Now you can ask me to customize your userpage design. Customization form are coming soon but for now, message me. 

    Before you ask, think what your new userpage design might look like? It can be simple as plain colored background, or complex like a 3 colored vertical linear gradient rounded corners backgound with rounded corners borders and colored text with shadows. I can customize backgrounds, borders, outlines, texts. And I can customize these with size, color.

    Of you like colors, do not try to use common colors names like Red, Blue, and White, instead try to use specific color names like Gold, Navy, Saddle Brown, Aquamarine, Salmon, and Medium Sea Green (look up on the web of specific colors names).

    Be creative! Think something that repres…

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  • Jasperical

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  • Marsium

    -1 Active User

    August 14, 2018 by Marsium

    -1 active users? Is that right?

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  • Marsium

    I'm not here to brag or showoff. (maybe)

    Who am I? Well I'm the... you get the title. I have nothing else to say. So I put my tweet of a me gotted 200th logins in a row (and also Crazyblox replyed to me).

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