Button Chaos is a Crazy Map created by VRANZO. It has 100 Buttons and can be played in FE2 Map Test.


The map Button Chaos takes place in a massive, sprawling complex full of buttons. The map Button Chaos is described by many players as very "shortcut-unfriendly", this is due to the placement of many of these buttons forces the player to take long, winding routes through the map. Players unfamiliar with the map may often be disoriented by the many snaking catwalks and platforms. The entire map is a cool shade of blue, including the Lava. Players will have to make many tricky jumps very quickly as to not trigger the two-minute time limit- even a single mistake may cause you to be a few seconds late to the exit.

This map has a few oddities that make it very different from other maps:

  • This is one of the very few (perhaps one of the first) Flood Escape 2 maps where the flood never rises. Instead, the main hazard for the player to avoid is the two-minute time limit that will automatically kill any player not inside an exit two minutes after the round starts. This is made even more difficult by the fact that you have no on-screen timer.
  • This map has the third most buttons of any Flood Escape 2 map at 100 buttons. The map with the most buttons is Straight Run, at 592 buttons.
  • This map contains glowing pads that will kill the player. These pads easily blend in with the rest of the environment (they are the same shade of blue as a regular platform, the only difference being that they glow) and can be tough to avoid.
  • Sections of this map force the player to either use first person mode or Shift-Lock Switch mode: there are three extremely thin doorways that force the player to turn their character horizontally to slide through.


  • Before Roblox's update, there was a bug on this map where many players received an error message saying "You are moving a bit too fast!" when playing the map normally, the likely reason for this being that the map's copious amount of buttons triggered some sort of anti-exploit mechanism in the game.
  • Completing this map solo nets the player a whopping 1550 XP. It's likely if this map is ever added to the main game Crazyblox will have to add a special script that decreases the amount of XP a player receives per button press for this map. However, it is very unlikely that this map will ever be added to the main game, because this is a mostly parkour map (with kill blocks) and that the lava never rises.
  • If a player manages to somehow survive the exceeded max-time, the lava would turn red.

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FE2 Button Chaos

FE2 Button Chaos

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