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Buttons are an essential gameplay feature in Flood Escape 2. All of the buttons must be pressed in order to complete a map.

Pressing a Button

Pressing a button is quite simple, all you have to do is make contact with the button. Players will receive XP depending on its type. 10 XP is given for regular buttons, and 20 XP is given for group buttons. The player will know if a button has been pressed successfully if they hear a chime. An extra chime is also added and played to the player who pressed it. Also, there will be a notification if a player has pressed the button.

Note: If you can't find the next button, look for its Button Marker, a small icon that shows where a button is located. Try looking around, or enabling the Goal Locator option on the Options category on the game's Menu. If you are unsure of its type, take note of its color and refer to Buttons/Variants and Functions.

Variants and Functions

Buttons have four different variants. Being active (this includes regular and group buttons), inactive, secret, and deactivated buttons, though secret buttons were removed from the game. At the beginning of a round, only one button will be active (colored Green or Light Blue), and the rest will be inactive (colored Yellow). There can only be one active button at a time and they must be pressed in a sequential order in each map.

Active buttons are a type of buttons that have not been pressed and need to be pressed next. When pressed, they will become deactivated and make the next button able to be pressed. They can make certain areas of a map accessible or inaccessible (for example, the last button of Infiltration closing the door to the room before and opening the map's exit) There are two types of active buttons:

  • Regular buttons are colored Green. Only one player needs to press this button. They award 10 XP.
  • Group buttons are colored Light Blue. A minimum of 27.5% of all players (rounded up) must press the button to advance, with a max of 4 presses for a full 12 player server. They award 20 XP to everyone who presses it.
    • A player who is rescuing an NPC can press the same group button twice.
    • Specific buttons in maps are group buttons, but in Chaos mode or with the Group Buttons Map Event, all of the buttons are group buttons.
    • As players die, the requirement of group buttons scales down accordingly. This is so group buttons don't become impossible to fully press this only active to chaos mode.

Inactive buttons are a type of button that have not been pressed yet but still need to be pressed eventually to complete the map. They are colored Yellow. To activate a button of this state, a player has to press a certain active button.

Deactivated buttons are a type of buttons that have no function as they have already been pressed. They are colored Black (formerly Red before Group Buttons were added) and have no markers.

Secret buttons are a type of buttons that can be found in the event version of Forgotten Tombs as part of the Roblox Labyrinth event. These buttons are colored Cyan and stand out as they are 'player-sided,' inheriting some functions of the Air Bubble. They were used in the event so that each player had to do their own work to get the badge, instead of relying on other players to press the buttons for them. This type of button is meant to be hidden and thus, have no button markers. They are deprecated.

Total Buttons

Note: The data below may not have the latest information.

Individual Map Button Count
Map Name Difficulty Total Buttons Group Buttons
Lost Woods Easy 3 1
Axiom Easy 5 1
Castle Tides Easy 8 1
Poisonous Valley Easy 6 1
Marred Dreams Easy 5 3
Buried Oasis Easy 6 4
Forsaken Era Easy 6 0
Eerie Peaks Easy 6 3
Polar Industry Easy 6 3
Infiltration Normal 7 2
Cave System Normal 4 1
Flood Island Normal 3 1
Oriental Grove Normal 8 1
Sky Sanctuary Normal 4 1
Decrepit Seas Normal 6 1
Mysterium Normal 9 1
Forgotten Tombs Normal 3 1
Northern Workshop Normal 6 0
Construction Thrill Normal 9 4
Fall Equinox Normal 8 2
Lava Tower Hard 5 1
Crystal Caverns Hard 8 1
Snowy Peaks Hard 5 0
Dark Sci-Forest Hard 9 3
Graveyard Cliffside Hard 8 2
Wild Savannah Hard 5 0
Sedimentary Temple Hard 8 1
Sunken Citadel Hard 7 2
Relic Valley Hard 7 3
Poisonous Forest Hard 9 4
Abandoned Facility Insane 5 2
Familiar Ruins Insane 6 2
Lost Desert Insane 7 1
Gloomy Manor Insane 10 4
Sinking Ship Insane 5 4
Dark Sci-Facility Insane 7 1
Beneath The Ruins Insane 9 2
Magmatic Mines Insane 7 3
Fallen Insane 10 3
Blue Moon Crazy 9 2
Poisonous Chasm Crazy 7 2

Removed Maps

Individual Map Button Count
Map Name Difficulty Total Buttons Group Buttons
Autumn Hideaway Hard 7 0

Usually, there is a positive correlation between the Difficulty of a map and the average number of buttons, that is, the higher the difficulty of a map, the higher the number of buttons at the average.

Note: The data below may not have the latest information, especially the pre-Insane rows.

Button Count by Difficulty
Difficulty Combined Button Count Average Button Count
Easy 51 5.6
Normal 67 6.09
Hard 62 6.2
Insane 66 7.5
Crazy 16 8
Total 262 6.678


  • The button sound was tweaked in a minor update. Its pitch rises as more buttons are pressed in the map. Its maximum pitch level is 10, after pressing the 10th button of any map.
  • Gloomy Manor and Fallen have the most buttons in the entire game, having 10.
  • Poisonous Forest now has the most group buttons, having 6.
  • Lost Woods, Forgotten Tombs and Flood Island have the least buttons, having only 3.
  • Wild Savannah, Snowy Peaks, Northern Workshop, and Forsaken Era all have no group buttons.
  • Fallen used to only have 5 buttons and no group buttons. It was until on April 1, 2022 where it revamped. It now has 7 normal buttons and 3 group buttons.
  • Since Autumn Hideaway is currently the only map removed from the game and it was removed before group buttons were added to the game. Therefore, it has no group buttons.
  • When the Agility Update was first released, the buttons had a text showing how much XP you could get (10XP or 20XP), this was removed in the 7/26/2021 update. Now when pressing a button, you'll get text saying which button you pressed and how much XP you got from pressing it.
  • The player can also know if they pressed the button if the button sound is accompanied with an echo.
  • Since the Group Buttons Requirements For Community Maps hasn't been changed it will probably be changed soon, here's a sneak peek.
  • 1-3 Players - 0/1
  • 4-14 Players 0/2
  • 15-21 Players 0/3
  • 22-28 Players 0/4
  • 29-35 Players 0/5
  • 36-42 Players 0/6
  • 43-49 Players 0/7
  • 50 Players 0/8
  • Abandoned Facility used to have 4 Buttons but when the map got revamped on the agility update it got an extra button.

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