Castle Tides is an Easy Map made by Jolluminati. It has 8 Buttons.


The map's design resembles a large castle with no roof. The castle wall has many turrets and is well designed. Inside of the castle is where the player plays the level. There are three rooms, each with multiple buttons. Each room is made up of rock material, with grass on top, which is strange for the inside of a building. In the first two rooms, the water rises slowly from the back, and when it reaches the door into the next room, the door closes, trapping players still behind inside.


  • There are many places to stand without being killed once all players have finished, allowing you to Troll.
    • An instance of this would be near the 5th button, where you can wait on a platform and the water/acid will not rise enough to kill you, causing you to be able to troll.
  • Castle Tides is considered the easiest map, because the water rises very slowly, giving a lot time for an escape on multiplayer, as well for the added fact that the water only turns to acid at near the end of the level.
  • This map is quite challenging to solo, as the buttons are spread out.
  • A recent update removed the ability to walk on the outsides of the map.

Walkthrough and OST

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