Cave System is a Normal Map created by Crazyblox. It has 3 Buttons and 1 Group Button.


The Map, as its name suggests, takes place in a tunnel of caves. There are many hard jumps, so most servers need at least one good player to beat this map. The model work is very detailed and well done, and the jump angles are very precise. There are a variety of different textures used, adding a more realistic feel to the map. Each Room fills up with Water, and the door to the next room closes with this, this requires players to move at a reasonable speed. There are also numerous rocks. The floor is also made of rock.

At the end of the map, players must go outside the previous structures. Here, there are many jumps and boards, most have the wood plank texture. There is Lava below the player, that rises at a steady pace. One mistake with the parkour will cause the player to fall into the lava. The last jump is a little tricky for some players.


  • This map has a hard jump at the very end which kills many players. (To be better at this jump, zoom in completely, and jump moving your camera around the corner and down onto the edge of the last platform or hug the wall (but not too hard) and hold the W key).
  • This map focuses on parkour and jumping, rather than buttons, hence the long sections of jumping that need to be completed to get a button.
  • The second button is very hard to get, since you need to swim and do hard parkour, recommended to have 1 good player or more to do this.
  • When soloing, a fall in the first room often will drown you, as the Acid rises quickly.
  • There was a way to not die in this map nor go to the exit easily by the "air gap" between the closed door and the second room. If no one has actually survived, you'll die by exceeding max time, and even if someone does, it will not be included as a survival (so it's better to go).
  • This map used to be very different, it has since been completely remade, you can watch a video of the old version here.
  • You can go to the third button by climbing the red crystal between the first and second gate or just come from where the box will be located when the 2nd button is pressed.
  • Players have to go fast in the first room and the 2nd button room to make it. A fall might result in death.
  • There used to be a room with a peculiar camera angle, and it was similar to the water tunnel to the second tunnel however you had to press buttons while underwater.
  • There is a safe spot when server pressed 1st button just stay in 2nd room near the door. The acid will not get you. This is also called a Troll.
  • There is the water under the lava river in the 2nd room.
  • There is a wooden box inside the lava river at the 3rd room.

Walkthrough and OST

Flood Escape 2 - Cave System solo 1m 21s

Flood Escape 2 - Cave System solo 1m 21s

Flood Escape 2 OST - Cave System

Flood Escape 2 OST - Cave System

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