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Cave System is a Normal Map created by Crazyblox. It has a total of 4 Buttons (3 standard & 1 group) and is playable in Flood Escape 2.


The map, as its name states, takes place in a cave system with rooms of varying sizes. The stone walls are decorated with glowing crystals with different colors. The caves have several metal and wooden platforms, some of which are hanging from the ceiling. In the second room, there is a flooded tunnel which requires you to swim through in order to press a separated button. The first three rooms floods with acid quickly so the player must be hasty. In the final area is a vast cave with lava below. The area has many suspended platforms and bridges which can be tricky for most players.


  • The map's last jump can be difficult for many people as it is a long jump. A tip for this is to stay close to the wall and jump forward at the last second.
  • The map focuses more on parkour, rather than buttons, hence the long sections of jumping required to press a button.
  • The second button is very hard to get, especially for beginners, because of the swimming section and thin platforms.
  • When soloing, a fall in the first room often will drown you, as the acid rises quickly.
  • When the map was first added, it used to be more different. The map was more shorter and was darker. The swimming section was longer, had a fixed camera angle, and it used an Air Bubble. In the underwater section, you need to press buttons to repair the broken pipes before your air runs out. You can watch a video of the old version here.
    • Before the map was remade, the current OST of the map was already used, as seen in this video.
  • Players can troll in the second room by standing next to the door to the first room. The acid does not reach this part.
  • Just like Wild Savannah and Decrepit Seas, this map had a different BGM. The BGM this map used is 'Final Dreadnought 2' which is from the game Freedom Planet.
  • In the final area, a single box can be found in the lava.
  • Cave System's OST is similar to Abandoned Facility's. When synced, it will sound like this.
  • In the old version[1], pressing the 2nd button would turn the acid back to water. This is probably because of glitches and/or issues back then.
  • When the revamped version got released, Crazyblox posted a video[2] on Twitter showing it off in a public server.
  • If a rescue mission is activated on this map, the escapee will be located in the second button's room on a new platform.
  • During a Lost Page Map Event, the Lost Page will be found underwater in the 2nd button's room. Players must quickly grab the page before their air runs out as the underwater passage to the 2nd button's room is long.

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