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Codes are a set of words and symbols that can be typed into the Code section in the Store to collect Coins, Gems, XP, or Items.

Current Codes

Code Coins Gems Other
(Currently no available code at this time)

Please make sure you typed the code correctly with no errors before calling a code fake.

Reminder: These codes are case-sensitive. For example, the code Woa20K will only work with W and K in capitals, and o and a in lowercase. (The code Woa20K won’t work because it is expired.)

Please note: The codes currently listed are subject to change at any time, as new ones are created. Therefore, the old ones will be removed. Apologies if we are a bit off in time as this has to be manually updated.

Typing in Codes

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Old page.

First, go to the shop, then click the bottom which says "Codes and Updates @Crazyblox_Dev" then type a code where it says to type a code, and finally you will get your reward.


  • Most codes are released during an event, like new Maps or a new Skin.
  • Crazyblox also releases a code each time he gets a multiple of 10,000 followers on his twitter. e.g Woa20K and Woo30K.
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