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Every playable map in FE2 Community Maps has an ID and a shortened ID. This page has a few of the many IDs out there.

Here are some Map IDs

List of ID's

Name Difficulty Creator Map ID
Atlantis Easy tony333444 =-6wdn
Closing Hours Easy ElectroBlast199 51pcqb
Planet Nebula Easy XSkyWarriorX 92/*sp
Autumn Bridge Normal Phexonia +627z11
Cold Tundra Normal VIPVlogsCrafter & HexagonP abcdmk(Old), +c1/1m1(New)
Cursed Jungle Normal tony333444 *rl+1k
Eternal Clockwork Normal tiedgamer 8-xc7e
Polar Express Normal Lugia731 5er+ho
Nemesis Hard ElectroBlast199 pxnh-b
The Grid Hard ElectroBlast199 & Tony333444 bcrlib (Old), ipvo2q (New)
Core Insane ElectroBlast199 4xp6bf
Flashbacks Insane Enszo, love130297 & AbsurdCreeperman j94m2f
Old Apartment Insane ohmzatalibun n12s0b
Kozui Peak Insane ElectroBlast199 y6d82g
Rotate Room Insane ST_RIVER / HenryRiver 91ddse
Digitalization Crazy Enszo, Grande_Tony, Uncomfortable90zaza, Alvthechip, & liliguy777 w8vpkg
Dystopia Crazy Enszo, Grande_Tony & TWB_92 x8l2mr
Grumble Volcano Crazy Cam0Dev/InocuIar u7jv*71 (InocuIar's Remake)

nqqj5g1 (Cam0Dev's Remake)

Marine Facility Crazy xxKy_lee rrvz7c
Mandragora, Octane, Agitato Crazy alex28901 puklky
T.U.R.B.O., T.U.R.B.O 2.0 Crazy Alex28901, SquareTheDev, Diamond Splash, Questable and Ayubliss1 puklky
Shutdown Crazy+ tony333444 & I_zcy me3oii