Purpose of This Page

These are the Content rules for the Flood Escape 2 Wiki. The purpose of this page is to help new editors find out how they can help, and to show how pages on this wikia should be properly formatted. Please follow these rules, as not doing so may eventually result in a ban.

Regular Rules

  1. Spam on pages is not allowed.
  2. Please try not to repeat information.
  3. Even, good looking pages are key.
  4. No useless categories.
  5. No opinions on pages please.
  6. Proper grammar and spelling are needed. If you make mistakes, or are unfamiliar with the English language, that is totally fine. Keep on trying!
  7. Do not add unnecessary content to pages. (Extra headings, videos, pictures, etc.)

Rules for this Wikia

  1. All page must brought up to wiki standards. Use Map Skeleton Page to when creating a page.
  2. No theories allowed
  3. Since most people here want Trivia sections, I have left them on pages. Please be wise when adding information to these sections, as sometimes things do not belong.
  4. Please do not delete Navs or Infoboxes.
  5. Do not change headings.
  6. No bad language of any kind. If it could be considered vulgar to somebody, it does not belong on a page here.

Breaking one of these rules will result in a warning, and if the actions are sever enough, they may result in a ban. If you would like to appeal a ban, please use this google form. Repeals and Questions

Thank you for visiting our wiki, and please have fun editing!