Core is an Insane Map made by ElectroBlast199. It has 7 Buttons and can be played in FE2 Map Test


Core is commonly referred to as one of the more difficult maps within FE2 Map Test due to its high pace, unique use of Water and Lava, and moving platforms. It has been confirmed that Core will never be added into the main Flood Escape 2 game primarily due to its use of moving platforms in addition to the main obstacle not being Water/Acid/Lava, which makes this map less themed around the FE2 maps.


The map is designed around a futuristic building around Earth's core. but unfortunately, an explosion most likely happened. The obstacles in this map are very unique, as there are spinning lava layers (resembling lasers) and moving platforms. In the second room, there are 3 different mini-rooms (green, yellow, and red) surrounding a central four-way rotating laser wall. The third room involves a series of rotating platforms and two lava pistons that will close in from the left and right walls should the player be too slow. The final, and easily the largest room, involves many changing laser walls that chase the player as they attempt to progress, forcing them to adapt their path constantly. In the end, you are greeted with a green futuristic finish room.


  • Core’s old ID (1222246145) will now spawn you in Nemesis, another map made by ElectroBlast199.
  • There is a shortcut found after the blue room (at the entrances to the green, yellow, and red rooms), where you can wind around the lava walls counter-clockwise instead of clockwise.

Walkthrough & OST

Flood Escape 2 - Core -Solo-

Flood Escape 2 - Core -Solo-

Fe2 Map test Ost - Core

Fe2 Map test Ost - Core

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