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Crystal Caverns is a community-made Hard Map made by FloodEscaper1. It has a total of 8 Buttons (7 standard & 1 group) and it can be played in Flood Escape 2.


As stated by the map's name, the map is located in a vast cavern filled with many crystals and icicles. The light blue color of the map gives it a calm and mellow feeling. Like the walls, the platforms are also made of crystal-like material. Upon pressing the third button, the thin glass wall will shatter, revealing the entrance to the flooded section of the cave, which requires an Air Bubble in order to successfully navigate through the area. The flooded area has many large icicles, posing as the main obstacle in the area. In the last area, the remaining buttons are scattered in tunnel-like areas.


  • In multiplayer, players can preemptively wait at each button in order to save up time.
  • This is the only map where water doesn't change into acid or lava.
  • This is the first map where the flood doesn't start with lava, the second being Snowy Peaks and the third being Wild Savannah.
  • Many players have raised their complains of the map being too boring and dull because of the same color scheme throughout the map, the map's gameplay mostly on swimming, and the calm beats of the soundtrack.
  • This is one of the few maps that include an Air Bubble, the others being Abandoned Facility, and Magmatic Mines.
  • Crystal Caverns and Abandoned Facility are the only maps to take place mostly underwater.
  • This map only floods once, and that is to make sure everyone in the first area is entirely submerged.
  • Crystal Caverns used to be a Easy map in FE2 Map Test, but it was raised to be a Hard map by Crazyblox when the map got added.
  • This map may be hard for newer players as it can be hard to navigate.
  • In a recent update, the map's crystal texture was changed to 'Marble'.
  • The map got updated in the Agility Update. The 2nd button's placement has been moved and you must now ride a zipline in order to press it.
  • Crystal Caverns is currently the only Hard Map not to contain any sliding sections.
  • It's also one of the four Hard Maps to not contain any Wall Jumps the other maps are Snowy Peaks , Dark Sci-Forest and Poisonous Forest.
  • If a rescue mission is activated on this map, the escapee will be located underwater on the floor in the underwater section.
  • During a Lost Page Map Event, the Lost Page will be found behind a crystal in the 6th button's room.

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