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Dark Sci-Facility (DSF for short) is an Insane Map created by Crazyblox. It has a total of 7 Buttons (6 standard & 1 group). Ever since it was first released, this map is heavily proclaimed to be the hardest Insane Map in Flood Escape 2 to complete along with Beneath The Ruins.


The map is located in a high-tech facility that is exploding, hence the loud explosions heard during the gameplay. The first section's walls are light grey padded, with blue neon striking in the middle in some sections. The floor has the same texture as the walls, apart from the darker grey color, with some parts being transparent, revealing the lava below. The platforms are mostly the same material as the floor and the walls, with the occasional use of tubes and boxes. Once the player reaches the top of the room, they will enter a small room with blue hardware walls. After the small room, a passageway reveals a larger version of the room, with the hardware walls blinking in sync with the music. Apart from the main blue color, some of the platforms uses green and orange. The exit is located near the top of the room, being a small white room.


Lava rises extremely fast and many hard jumps appear throughout the level; thus, this map troubles a massive amount of players. There are two very hard platform-to-platform wedge jumps within the first half of the map which easily foil the attempts of most players. The box before the 3rd button kills many players because it can be a head-hitter. Players cannot make any mistakes; as the lava can catch up to a player very quickly, drowning or trapping them in one of the facility's rooms. Some people think this is easier than Beneath The Ruins, while others say that this is the hardest Insane map.


  • Dark Sci-Facility was released in November 2017, shortly after the beta release of Flood Escape 2.
  • Based on Crazyblox's tweet, this map is the sequel of Dark Sci-Forest. According to the tweet, after the players reach the exit, the lift comes crashing down to the beginning of Dark Sci-Facility.
  • Like Lost Desert, this is a rhythm-based map. Once you finish the first section, the hardware walls will cooperate with the beats of the music.
  • The floor/wall texture in the first room was made in 2014, proof can be seen here.
  • This is the former icon of Flood Escape 2 Pro Mode, due to it being one of the hardest levels in the game. In a update that changed the positions of the lobby features, the Pro Server icon was changed to a purple-ish background of the old FE2 lobby.
    • This map is also the icon in the VIP gamepass although the wall's colors are inverted.
  • In the No Light video, Crazyblox recorded the ExitRegion of Dark Sci-Facility, with cracks with a mysterious purple light coming out of it, hinting a new map coming out which is a continuation of Dark Sci-Facility. When you complete DSF, you can see the cracks in the floor, letting you see a tunnel underneath, resembling an old sneak peek.
  • The area of the 6th button contains a box that appears after pressing the 5th button. Since the implementation of anti-cheat measures, if the player is inside the box when it appears, there's a high chance the anti-cheat would trigger and kill the player, as the game believes they're exploiting to get inside objects. This more commonly triggers for players with high network ping, as they either stay in the box for longer or are repeatedly jumping on where the box would appear.
    • This is mostly no longer the case as the anti-cheat has been changed to not kill the player, but instead teleport them out of objects. The teleportation can eject players into the lava, though, so still be careful.
  • The wedge jumps in this map are known to be some of the hardest jumps throughout the whole map. Most players die because of it.
  • There is a troll in the spawn area. Players can climb up the trusses etched on the corners of the walls.
  • Some players say that this is the hardest map Crazyblox has made, though some say that the title belongs to Beneath The Ruins. Even though when Blue Moon and Poisonous Chasm were added, Dark Sci-Facility still remains one of if not the hardest Insane Map.
  • On 2021/01/28, the map's pulsating lights and screen shaking was added back after being missing for many months.
  • Like Decrepit Seas, this map has an unused OST. Click here.
  • There are many maps in FE2 CM that are buffs of this map, an example being Generic Sci Facility.
  • Sometime in 2017 during DSF's development, 4 pictures were released on Discord[1][2][3][4] which shows the map during its beta stages. Most of the pictures show parts of the map that didn't got added in the final version.
    • Crazyblox also posted 1 image[5] on Twitter, and 2 videos[6][7] showing the map's difficulty.
      • Another video[8] was also released, but it was a old version of the flashing hardware room. (It was posted 1 day before reference 7. This video is also connected to reference 3.)
      • 4 other videos[9][10][11][12] show an old version of the final hardware room (2 of them were archived by Dr_rRight2, the other 2 were archived by mateuszroblox17studio, and qwertyqwerpderp, they were uploaded onto YouTube on maddilan6's alt account)
  • In the Agility Update, this map has been buffed. You will now require to slide under a wall to enter the 1st room and after the 3rd button room. The 2nd part of the map has not been changed.
  • If a rescue mission is activated on this map, the escapee will be located near the wall-jump after the second button, where a small route was added to get them. This route has a jump that leads to a ladder to the platform with the escapee on it. An alternate route to take instead is to use the wall jump again to get to the platform, rather than doing a difficult jump.


Walkthrough and OST

Dark Sci-Facility OST
Duration Composer Roblox Library ID Audio
1:30 Crazyblox 1178018237


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