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Dark Sci-Forest is a Hard Map created by Crazyblox. It has a total of 9 Buttons (6 standard & 3 group), and is currently playable in Flood Escape 2.


The map takes place in pine forest, filled with futuristic equipment. It is a dark and stormy night, with acid raining down and leaves falling. The first area has a large fallen log, a pit of lava, and some wooden platforms and futuristic boxes. After sliding under the large metal gate, the player will be greeted with an acid lake, and the player must swim through it to press the buttons. At the back of the map are several hills, each connected with broken bridges and platforms. The end is a large building, the design similar to the large gates and the futuristic boxes.


  • Dark Sci-Forest was first teased by Crazy on Twitter. He had posted 2 pictures[1][2] and he also released a video[3] of him playing it.
  • According to a tweet by Crazyblox, Dark Sci-Facility is this map's sequel. Based on the tweet, after the players reach the exit, the lift will come crashing down to the beginning of Dark Sci-Facility.
  • There is an unused Air Bubble located beneath the end zone. This is probably due to dependencies back when the map was released. You can access it by climbing over the end zone and swim under the map.
  • If you climb up on the top of the exit region, the lava can't reach you. Many players do this after going in the exit or to troll. Note that doing this without going in the exit will not count as a survival.
  • This is the first map to have a different color of acid (purple) rather than the standard green. This is followed by Poisonous Valley with its pink acid and then Relic Valley with magenta colored acid. It is also one of the few maps to have a special type of liquid.
  • The first gate near the second button has an invisible block on it to prevent the players to pass above it.
  • If players do a No Buttons Challenge (NBC) and reach the exit zone, there is a non-collidable wooden wall, allowing players to walk through it but they won't survive.
  • The futuristic radio boxes found throughout the map are the same ones found in Axiom.
  • Dark Sci-Forest shares the same acronym with Dark Sci-Facility, which is DSF. However when people use this acronym, most of them refer to Dark Sci-Facility.
  • In the Agility Update, the map got slightly buffed. You must now slide under a fence after pressing the 2nd button. After pressing the 7th button, you must now ride a zipline all the way to the 8th button.
  • In a Twitter post, Crazyblox announced Dark Sci-Forest's third OST, which was updated on April 22, 2021, the same day of the debut of the Metaverse Champions Event Week 2. Aside from the OST change, the map was also buffed, and there's now a new button, putting it at 9 buttons total. The new button is not only a group button but it is also the new 1st button.
    • The OST was updated yet again on October 23, 2021, along with giving the map a slightly more purple hue, and thunderstorms, similarly to Flood Island, and some leaf particle effects along with slightly changing the acid rain.
      • Because of these changes, this makes Dark Sci-Forest the only known map in the game to have 4 different versions of its soundtrack.
  • In the beginning of the OST, you can hear Morse Code that says "... --- ... / .-.. --- -.-. .- - .. --- -. / -.. ... ..-.". If you use a Morse code translator, it says "SOS LOCATION DSF". There's also another second Morse Code that can be heard near the end of the loop. If decoded, it will say "THANK YOU FOR PLAYING".
  • When this map got revamped in the Metaverse Champions event, you can now see a giant fallen log in the beginning of the map. Players can choose to whether jump over or slide under it.
  • This is the 2nd map to have an acid rain. The first being Poisonous Chasm and the third being Poisonous Forest.
  • This is the 2nd Hard Map where the flood starts with lava, although only present in the first area. The first being Lava Tower. The next maps to follow this trend are Graveyard Cliffside, Sedimentary Temple, Sunken Citadel, Relic Valley,Poisonous Forest and Wild Savannah (2nd Liquid).
  • Dark Sci Forest is one of the four Hard Maps not to contain any Wall Jumps the other maps are Crystal Caverns , Snowy Peaks and Poisonous Forest.
  • Sometime in 2019, 3 pictures were released on Discord[4][5][6] that are possibly connected to Dark Sci-Forest because of the acid and grass color. The pictures are presumably parts of No Light because the pictures were released alongside with many pictures of No Light.
  • If a rescue mission is activated on this map, the escapee will be located on a platform above the 6th button. The platform is accessed via the seventh button.
  • During a Lost Page Map Event, the Lost Page will be found submerged in the acid lake near the truss to the 7th button.


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