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Decrepit Seas is a Normal Map made by rareheaddress. It has 5 standard Buttons and 1 Group Button and is currently playable in Flood Escape 2 and its older version can be played in FE2 Community Maps.


Decrepit Seas, as its name suggests, takes place under or at the sea. There are two large rooms with many buttons in each. There are lots of sea plants sticking out, and many anchors and other under-the-sea looking models. There are also many rusted ladders, boxes, and other ocean-like decorations. The ground players walk on appears to be stone.


  • Currently, some players don't actually move right after they teleport to the map. They just stay at the tunnel to survive without finishing the course. Just because the water (named _water1) can't reach the tip of the tunnel, creating a gap for players to survive.
  • The picture of a muscular WoodReviewer can be found in the wrecked ship. This photo (image) also appears behind the safe zone (shed) of the Gloomy Manor and in the final room of Wild Savannah.
  • This map shares the same ID with Sky Sanctuary, Snowy Peaks, Wild Savannah, Gloomy Manor, Lost Desert and Omitted Temple in FE2 Community Maps.
    • In FE2 CM, Decrepit Seas is listed as an Easy map and it doesn't use its OST, this is because rareheaddress didn't update this map and the other maps he made in FE2 Community Maps.
  • There is an air gap in the second room.
  • Similarly to Wild Savannah and Cave System, this map had a different BGM. The BGM this map used is 'Aqua Tunnel 1' which is from the game Freedom Planet.
  • There's a Side B song made by Navola that didn't make it in-game. However, it was later used and updated for Sunken Citadel.
  • The map was originally an Easy map, but was changed to Normal because of the swimming section.[1]
  • There's also a map made by Tony333444 that is similar to this map, and this map is Abyss, a Hard map.
  • If a rescue mission is activated on this map, the escapee will be located on the shipwreck. To access them, you will have to go to the backside of it.
  • During a Lost Page Map Event, the Lost Page will be found below the 3rd button.

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