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Difficulty is a key feature in Flood Escape 2 and rates how hard a map is. There are six difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard, Insane, Crazy, and Crazy+. (FE2CM only)

Note: Difficulty refers to how hard completing a map independently is, not how hard it is in multiplayer.


Easy Maps are a great way to introduce the simple concept of buttons and parkour to a brand new player. They are not very difficult, and can teach the players basic skills. Almost everyone can easily complete these maps.

There are currently 7 playable Easy maps: Lost Woods, AxiomCastle Tides, Poisonous Valley, Marred Dreams, Buried Oasis, and Forsaken Era.

Eerie Peaks and Polar Industry are also Easy Maps, but they are only playable in Halloween and Christmas respectively. They are currently unplayable as of March 3, 2022. However Polar Industry can still be played In Community Maps since then.

The Easy intensity value is 1 to 1.99


Normal Maps are noticeably harder than easy maps and take the difficulty up a notch, but they are still not too extreme. These maps start to show players less accessible buttons and are a great practice difficulty once a player has learned the basics of parkour.

There are 10 currently playable Normal Maps consisting of: Infiltration, Cave System, Flood Island, Oriental Grove, Sky Sanctuary, Decrepit Seas, Forgotten Tombs, Mysterium, Construction Thrill, and Fall Equinox.

Northern Workshop is also a Normal Map, but it is only playable during the Christmas Season. It is currently unplayable as of March 3, 2022. but can also still be played In Community Maps like with Polar Industry.

The Normal intensity value is 2 to 2.99


Hard Maps are again another step up from Normal maps. These can be beaten by players who have gotten the hang of things and are ready to delve into some more difficult maps. These maps will require players to be quick on their feet yet cautious and focused, as most hard maps have lava. In the majority of hard maps players will have to make risky jumps. The Hard maps start to feature wall jumps, ziplining, sliding and Air Bubbles as Normal and Easy maps are more focused around simple button-pressing and platforming.

There are currently 10 Hard difficulty maps being: Lava Tower, Crystal Caverns, Snowy Peaks, Dark Sci-Forest, Graveyard Cliffside, Wild Savannah, Sedimentary Temple, Sunken Citadel, Relic Valley, and Poisonous Forest.

Autumn Hideaway and Fallen were also Hard Maps. Autumn Hideaway was removed from the game while Fallen's difficulty was raised to Insane when it got remade.

The Hard difficulty is the maximum difficulty for the Chill Mode, while the Hard difficulty is the lowest difficulty for the Pro Mode.

The Hard intensity value is 3 to 3.99


Insane Maps are the second hardest difficulty maps, striking fear into many. These maps are for the experienced, and rightfully so as these maps require speed, reaction time, and an overall knowledge of what to do. It is very hard to complete an Insane map on the first attempt as Insane maps are complicated and can easily confuse newer players. Practice helps a lot, but teamwork is also highly helpful. The easier Insane maps, such as Familiar Ruins, and Abandoned Facility are better for new players as they mostly rely on teamwork. However, many harder Insane maps, most notably Sinking Ship, Dark Sci-Facility, and Beneath The Ruins, focus around difficult jumps and fast lava, leaving minimal room for error. Before the introduction of the Crazy difficulty, Insane maps were the highest level of difficulty to achieve. Badges are awarded to players who have completed these maps.

There are 9 Insane maps currently in the game being: Abandoned Facility, Familiar Ruins, Lost Desert, Gloomy Manor, Sinking Ship, Dark Sci-Facility, Beneath The Ruins, Magmatic Mines, and Fallen.

The Insane intensity value is 4 to 4.99


The Crazy difficulty is the hardest difficulty in the main FE2 game, and can only be played when the intensity value is 5 - 5.99. These maps require a lot of parkour mastery, focus, skill, and knowledge of the map (and possibly luck). There are many extremely far jumps in Crazy Maps. Crazy maps usually have little to no room for error and contain a wider variety of obstacles, one little mistake could be fatal. Even advanced players struggle with this difficulty.

Currently, there are only 2 Crazy maps in the main game: Blue Moon and Poisonous Chasm.

The Crazy intensity value is 5 to 5.99 (maximum value for all game modes of FE2 [except FE2 Community Maps])


The Crazy+ difficulty is reserved for only the hardest maps created by the community on the FE2 Community Maps game. These maps require exceptional speed, skill, timing, and memory of the path and platforms.

This difficulty is exclusive to FE2 Community Maps and will not be added to the main game.

The Crazy+ intensity value is 6 to 6.99 (maximum value for FE2CM).


Interlevel Statistics
Difficulty Intensity Range
Easy 1 - 1.99
Normal 2 - 2.99
Hard 3 - 3.99
Insane 4 - 4.99
Crazy 5 - 5.99
Crazy+ 6 - 6.99
XP Rewards
Difficulty XP
Easy 25
Normal 75
Hard 125
Insane 200
Crazy 300
Crazy+ 0 (Because XP is disabled in FE2CM)
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