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Digitalization is a Crazy map that is a continuation of Time Machine, and succeeded by Digitalized. It has 9 Buttons and can be played in FE2 Community Maps.

Digitalization is the fifth map of Enszo's Trilogy.


Digitalization is what seems like a sci-fi scene based on a digitalized base. Everything is made out of triangles and cubes, and in some cases, you have to follow printings on the ground to find the invisible platforms and use your muscle memory a bit as when you try to look down to look like you’re in the platform, it’s not always the same. The red printings, however, are walls that block you.

Soon after, there is a unique section where you have to follow both the printings and the moving error lava. Then, after a small hardware texture section, you encounter a room with circles for the ground and outlines of cubes. It has many different colored platforms such as tightropes and trusses.

After that, the last part is a circular tower with many stripes lining the walls. There is a large variety of platforms that you have to platform quickly to not get killed by the orange lava. Near the end, there are two buttons you have to press. In the end zone, there are two supports with a button marker in the middle.


  • The collaboration involves many unknown map makers.
  • Invisible jumps or "ghost platforms" in Enszo's maps were introduced in this map.
    • These jumps involve invisible platforms that are only indicated by markings below or to the side.
  • It involves mainly cubes and triangles.
  • It uses sync many times in some of the rooms.
  • Enszo had the idea for this map three months before actually starting work on the map.
  • This map was an Insane Map before Crazy difficulty was added.
  • This map started the 'digital' trend, inspiring map creators to make maps like Visualized, Digit, Dynal and many, many more.
  • This map's block design, like all other digital maps, is inspired by the Secret Room.

Walkthrough & OST


-FE2- Digitalization by Enszo, Grande Tony, Uncomfortable90zaza, Alvthechip & liliguy777


Waterflame - Flight

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