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This is about the FE2CM version of Dystopia. If you are looking for the TRIA.os version, click here

Dystopia is a Crazy map created by Enszo, Grande_Tony, & TWB_92 that is a continuation to Future Ruins (Dark Future in TRIA.os). It has 5 Standard Buttons, 1 Group Button, and is currently playable in FE2 Community Maps and TRIA.os. It is the eighth map of Enszo's Timeline Series, followed up by Waving Facility.


The map has an intended design as a dystopian prison. It has many “laser cameras” that kill you upon contact and has a variety of difficult jumps. Its design makes use of dark and red colors, setting a dark atmosphere. The second hardest part of the map, the climbing part, has flags with the "INGSOC" logo scattered around it. Some jumps are very far, and a certain jump during this section is especially difficult to make. The hardest part has a rotating laser camera, and comes sometime after the tower section. Close to the finish, you press a button and a camera above you briefly flashes. At the last room, you make your way through transparent walls to escape a guard chasing you. In the end, you come to an area that looks like the outside, but are actually dropped into a cell, the start of Waving Facility. Two kill bricks are placed at the start of the last part and the guard.

First Revamp

In April 2019, Crazyblox changed Flood Escape 2's lighting technology from legacy to compatibility. This changed the visuals of Dystopia a lot, making it considerably darker & ruining a majority of the visuals. On April 18th, 2019, Enszo published a video showing a time-lapse of him revamping Dystopia, improving many visuals, adding more details, and buffing certain parts.

Second Revamp/Game-play and Lighting Revamp (2020)

After the addition of shadow map (which made lighting more realistic, but also made it darker and hard to see.) Dystopia got revamped a second time, improving visuals and lighting the map up making it considerably easier to see. You can see a video where he revamps it here. 2 weeks later however, Dystopia was revamped once again, this time changing up certain parts of the game-play. Such as buffing certain areas and adding more detail to some platforms. A new notable revamped area is the 4th room/hallway where he added an extra jump while you're walking up a ramp, adding more details to the wall and once again, improving lighting.


  • All of Enszo's maps (including Dystopia) were removed from FE2CM for a brief period of time due to a dispute between the group Tria and Crazyblox regarding EventScript. When the situation evolved into derogatory threats by the group, Crazyblox banned key members (including Enszo) from the Flood Escape Discord and Forum (with other members leaving). Enszo deleted all of their maps in response.
  • In the end, you get into an area that appears like the outside, however, you get locked up by the guard and the floor "opens", which makes you drop on a platform surrounded by lava, which is Waving Facility, an older map by Enszo, Vuurse, and TWB_92.
  • If you die by touching the laser, instead of showing "You have drowned", it shows ">:(". This is due to Crazyblox adding a feature which kills exploiters, or people who clip through walls throughout the map, since there is no other way to be killed other than resetting, drowning, or exceeding the map time in the main game (2 minutes).
  • This map was an Insane Map before the Crazy difficulty was added.
  • The word "INGSOC" throughout the map alludes to the famous dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell. In the book, "INGSOC" is a term spoken in the fictional language "newspeak". The word "INGSOC" means English Socialism. This map was based on the descriptions from the novel.
  • There is an Easter Egg under the platform at the end.

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