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Emotes are the animations that a player can do when the button for Emotes (E, though this can be changed in the Settings) is pressed, or when the “Emote” in the bottom left corner is pressed. The table below lists all emotes ever included in the game Flood Escape 2.

List of Emotes

Lists of Emotes Description Cost Performs Image
Hop N/A Free Hopping in the air
GIF Emote1.gif
Bullet Time You are the chosen BLOX 50 Coins Waving your hands, similar to air swim.
GIF Emote3.gif
Air Swim I'm swimming in the airrrr 50 Coins Does the swimming animation.
GIF Emote4.gif
Searching Ahead Is that a tidal wave in the distance? 50 Coins Raising the right hand of above your head.
GIF Emote2.gif
Dab I regret making this. 100 Coins Dabs.
GIF Emote9.gif
Meditate Experience Tranquility! 100 Coins Levitation.
GIF Emote8.gif
Relax To be fair escaping a facility is no easy feat 100 Coins Sits.
GIF Emote7.gif
Headspin Show them your sick ski- OMG YOUR HEAD 100 Coins Head is decapitated and spun in the air.
GIF Emote5.gif
Stretching Wouldn't want to pull a muscle! 100 Coins Stretching both legs.
GIF Emote6.gif
Backflip SWOOCE right in! 250 Coins Backflipping.
GIF Emote10.gif
Play Dead "uuhhh.wav" 250 Coins Lying down on the floor.
GIF Emote11.gif
Facepalm You didn't press the button. 250 Coins Facepalming.
Cheese N/A 250 Coins Shaking and holding the hands.
Impatient N/A 300 Coins Tapping foot, occasionally looks at wrist.
Impatient Emote.gif
Applaud N/A 150 Gems Applauding.
T-Pose Assert your dominance 200 Gems Spread both arms.
Smug Dance N/A 200 Gems Handles shakes.
Emote-Smug Dance.gif

VIP Emote

Lists of emotes Description Cost Performs Image
Levitate Woosh VIP ( Robux.png 1,200) Levitation back and forth.
GIF Emote12.gif


  • Using the emote Headspin in the map Flood Island can survive you against the Lava without finishing the course. Go near the helipad, and use the Headspin. You will not die because your head won't touch the lava.
  • Using the emote Play Dead in the map Sinking Ship can make you lose air because this emote makes your head touch the acid at the ship's floor. However, since emotes can't be done underwater, you will immediately stand back up.
  • Emotes Relax and Meditate are often used to impress players in the Lobby and also during the game. These emotes are also useful for screenshots, YouTube thumbnails, and for impressions to others.
  • T-Pose is based on a meme of the same name. This also applies to Dab.
  • Cheese emote is based on the penguin dance from the now deprecated Club Penguin.[1]
    • Most players use this emote at the end to tease players who drowned before finishing the maps.
  • Smug Dance emote is based off the Smug Dance from A Hat in Time.[2]
  • T-pose emote was announced in a tweet by Crazyblox, and was said to trigger a bass boost sound effect once triggered. This was not originally added into the game and was taken as just a joke.[3]
    • The feature has now been properly implemented.[4] The audio of the bass is called; "BASS"


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