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Enigmatic Mines is the original version of Mysterium, and is rated a Normal map. This map was created by ElectroBlast199, has 9 Buttons, and can be played in FE2 Community Maps under the name Shadowy Mines.


The map has almost no purple lighting. The platforms in this look like Mysterium however. This map seems to take place in a mine that is being flooded. Enigmatic Mines is identical to Mysterium in gameplay, but different in graphics.

The map's ID was replaced with Closing Hours' ID, which is also a map made by ElectroBlast199. It is first map by ElectroBlast199 that was added to Flood Escape 2. All of the walls were gray and the ambient was different in color.


  • Crazyblox messaged ElectroBlast199 to update the look before the map was added.
  • This map's pillars are orange while Mysterium's are purple.

Walkthrough And OST


Roblox Fe2 Map Test Enigmatic Mines Normal By ElectroBlast199-0


Kave Diluvii - The Binding of Isaac- Afterbirth OST Extended

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