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Enszo is a well known map maker, Flood Escape 2 player, YouTuber and Myth Hunter.


Enszo is known for making the following community maps:

Collab Maps:


  • Most Enszo's maps are simplified. The style are either old or futuristic.
  • Many players complain that Enszo's maps are "rigged" because they are very challenging and Enszo is really bad at making ladders (Digitalization before its revamp was an example to that beacuse the ladders in the first tower would sometimes flung you)
  • Dystopian World has been cancelled, you can read the announcement here.
  • Enszo is a YouTuber, you can visit his channel here.
  • Most of Enszo's channel content is about myths and legends on Roblox.
  • Enszo is a member of a very popular development group called The Megacollab Devs. He was one of the main members of the team.
  • Enszo got banned from FE2 because he helped both TRIA and TRIA:RESURGO.
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