FE2 Map Test is a game where players can test maps that aren’t in Flood Escape 2. These maps are by other players who whitelisted their maps so that they could be listed in the game. The older version of this game can be found here.

Lobby Design

The FE2 Map Test lobby is similar to that of the regular Flood Escape 2. The lobby is unsaturated and has no Leaderboard, podium, or server teleports.

Major Changes

On August 2018, Crazyblox decided to abandon the user FE2_MapTest along the FE2 Map Test owned by the user. Major changes were made and are found below:

  • Removal of store from the UI and the lobby; In the previous game, players (who gathered enough coins and gems in one play session) could utilize the store, buying emotes for recording or tanks and auras just for show. Because nothing saves in FE2 Map Test, the store was deleted. It served no practicality.
  • No list of map; In the previous game, there was a list of popular maps that you could click on rather than pasting a code to play a map. This feature broke as Crazyblox was unable to add maps to it, so it wasn’t brought in the new version. This means that all players must find the map ID to their Test Map and paste it in, which may take tons of time, but you can easily find by searching it in YouTube.
  • Multiplayer; Many players wanted to test maps together, but this wasn’t possible before. Crazyblox let VIP server owners (for the price of 200 Robux every month) play multiplayer. This means that if you buy a VIP server in FE2 Map Test, you and your friends can play together.
  • Map panel overhaul; Multiple maps can now be played on the right side of the panel. The panel has brand new button designs, backgrounds, and the ability to change map loading permissions. You can either keep the permissions to yourself when you own a VIP server, or give it everyone to cause chaos! Permissions are automatically set to All on a solo server.
  • Removal of infinite oxygen; This was a controversial feature, as it allowed people to troll and use Infinite Air for unintended actions on a map. It was only convenient when practicing maps for a speedrun, or a YouTube video for scummy practices (i.e. way to get views faster).

    How to Whitelist

When you are in Roblox Studio and your map is complete, select all of the parts of your map and group them with the following shortcut (Control + G). Make sure the Settings folder, ExitBlock, ExitRegion, Air Bubbles, Spawn, and EventScript/EventString are a direct child of the model. Next, right click the model and click Save to Roblox. Name the model, set Allow Copying enabled, and post the model.

Whitelisting a map in-game (before 2019, this no longer works): Find your model, copy its ID on the URL address, enter the game, open the map testing panel, paste the ID in the box, and click Whitelist Map. You will be shown a message indicating a successful whitelist. If the queue is full, try again in a few days.

Whitelisting a map in a separate game (introduced in 2019 and is the current way to whitelist a map): Find your model, copy its ID on the URL address, enter Whitelisting : FE2 Map Test, paste the ID in the box, and click Submit Map. You will be shown a message indicating a successful whitelist. If the queue is full, try again in a few days.

Lobby OST

FE2 Map TestOST - Lobby

FE2 Map TestOST - Lobby

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