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Fallen is an Insane Map created by Crazyblox. The map has a total of 10 buttons (7 standard and 3 group) and is currently playable on Flood Escape 2.


The map takes place in a monochromatic realm mainly made up of corrupted terrain with a faded-looking purple color. It has boxes, and crumbling platforms which can contain boxes, trees, grass and other details. Aside from the terrain, large yellow crystals surround the map, some of which are shattered and are used as platforms. This map maintains its theme by using ColorCorrection, which gives the map it's purple hue. If you are too slow, the purple lava will rise up extremely fast, consuming you if you don't make it in time.

Revamp Information

Due to how controversial Fallen was in the community for being poorly built and was rushed, the map was remade by Crazyblox and was released on April 1st, 2022. The revamp version has a drastic change from the old Fallen. There are now more colors present in the map, the large difference in terms of detail and difficulty, and twice the amount of buttons. Other important changes are the Escapee and Lost Page locations and the usage of all three Agility mechanics.

Revamped Shorcuts

Since Fallen got revamped here's some new shortcuts.

  1. head to the top of the first wall jump then jump straight to reach the first button.
  2. get on top of the second wall jump where the Lost Page is then jump over to the box then reach then jump to the zipline (This is only possible in Multiplayer due to the fact that buttons 2-4 need to be pressed in order to continue on.


  • Fallen is the 2nd sky-themed map, the first being Sky Sanctuary.
  • Fallen was released a day after Marred Dreams was released.
    • According to a recent Q&A in Discord, Crazyblox said that the old version of Fallen took the least amount of time to create as it was made in 6 hours.
  • Fallen is the 30th map that has been added to Flood Escape 2, if you exclude Autumn Hideaway and Northern Workshop.
  • Fallen, before being revamped, did not have any group buttons. It also had 5 buttons.
    • Because of the remake, Fallen, along with Gloomy Manor, have the most buttons in FE2.
  • Before the revamp, the lava was grey and did not rise, and the only threat to the player was the disappearing platforms.
  • In the revamped version, the lava has a huge delay between stopping and rising again every time. This is possibly due to many areas staying in a similar surface level. Because of that, the more it stops, the faster and higher it's going to rise. Right after the beat drops and quiets down, the lava continues to rise at a consistent and fast rate, making it dangerous for those left behind other players.
  • Fallen, used to have no Wall Jumps but when the map got revamped this map was now tied with Sedimentary Temple with having the most Wall Jumps in the game being 4.
  • Before the revamp, Fallen used to have no Sliding Sections.
  • This map, like Axiom, Mysterium, and Infiltration, is one of the few maps to have a one-word name.
  • The soundtrack for this map is the one for Marred Dreams and Relic Valley but in reverse and without the percussion.
  • Fallen is one of the few maps where its soundtrack is composed by Crazyblox; the others being Dark Sci-Forest, Dark Sci-Facility, Beneath The Ruins, Marred Dreams and Relic Valley.
  • In the old version of the map, if you manage to glitch out of the end zone and jump down into the fog, swimming downward far enough can make you fall out of the map. This works same as the end in Sunken Citadel.
  • Fallen used to have the longest zipline in the game, where it gave a good view of the area. In the revamp, the map now has 3 ziplines, which are much shorter than the old one.
    • This makes Fallen to have the most ziplines in the game, beating Relic Valley, which has two.
  • If a rescue mission is activated on this map, the escapee will be on the lowest wooden platform on the 7th button's spire.
  • During a Lost Page Map Event, the Lost Page will be found on a small piece of land behind the wall jump near the 4th button.
    • It is the only Insane Map where a Lost Page Event can occur.


Walkthrough, and OST

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