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Familiar Ruins is an Insane Map created by Crazyblox. It has 4 standard buttons and 2 group buttons and is currently playable in Flood Escape 2.


Familiar Ruins' design is styled after the original Flood Escape game especially the room with the fifth button is copied directly, the models, style, color, and jumps are very similar. Throughout the map, lava can almost be seen everywhere, it rises fast, and slow players will normally die. This is considered as one of the easiest Insane maps, so on a decent server, most players are likely to survive, increasing chances to move on to a Crazy map. There are many glitches and shortcuts which allow players to activate buttons quicker. For example, players can glitch out of the wooden taped door just before the 5th button to go outside of the Flood Escape 1 lobby. However, they will not be able to progress further without activating the skipped button.


  • This map is one of the few maps to have multiple forms of lava.
  • This map was one of the first maps and has been buffed and nerfed only once.
  • This map might have been the inspiration for the many FE1 and FE2 ruins maps in FE2 Community Maps.
  • The lava used to rise very quickly in the first room, and if a player faltered to get the button, the whole group was likely gonna die. After an update, the lava now rises late. But even now, if you or someone else fails, a sacrifice would have to be made to get to that button.
  • Crazyblox tweeted a photo[1] of when he was making this map in a live stream on April 10, 2017.
  • A noticeable update[2] to this map was released on January 18, 2018. This update includes the "Medium Lift" update, the visuals of the outside changed, the lava in the first room was slowed, and the troll in the first room was patched.
  • The box near the 5th button was moved into a hole filled with lava near the 5th button to prevent shortcuts. However, you can still jump on a thin ledge in a similar spot though it's harder to reach the button now.
  • The OST of the map is a remix of the Lobby's OST.
  • The lava in the FE1 Lobby flashes once the acid in the 2nd room turn to lava.
    • Despite this, only the acid's texture got changed to the lava's texture, not the liquid itself.
  • There's a bug that instantly kills someone despite the lava not rising yet. The same goes with Magmatic Mines.
  • A picture of this map can be seen in the first room of No Light, a discontinued Crazy Map by Crazyblox.
  • A player named CoolTeen says that once you glitch out of the end and go underneath the main building, you can see the outside of the map.
  • In the Agility Update, this map has been buffed. It will now require you to slide under an obstacle in order to enter the 2nd room. After pressing the final button, you will also need to zipline to the other side.
    • Because of this update, you can do the No Buttons Challenge by using glitching and wall hop. Although, it doesn't count as a survival because you need to press all buttons to escape.
  • If a rescue mission is activated on this map, the escapee will be located on the Hard lift in the FE1 lobby, which has now been risen up.


Walkthrough and OST

Familiar Ruins OST
Duration Composer Roblox Library ID Audio
2:34 Manel Navola 1071497331


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