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</image> <label>Difficulty</label> <label>Creator</label> <label>Standard Buttons</label> <label>Group Buttons</label> <label>Game</label> <label>ID</label> </infobox> Faulty Lab Failure is a Crazy map made by noeties101. It has 13 buttons and can control the flood.

Map Layout

It starts in the old Fe2 lift. A door opens and the players must get to the second floor before the lava catches up. Then the player goes into the room in front of them and presses a button. A door slides open and players must get the second button. Once the second button is pressed the lava goes down and players must press the third button to access the roof, which is on the second floor. Once the fourth button is pressed players then jump down a hole in the broken staircase and enter the first tower climb. After the first tower climb players must press the 7th button and make the lava go down, then press the 8th button to make a ladder appear. After that you must be quick, as the next room floods quickly and the button is located above. After that you go to the outside and have to press a button in sector B. After that a gate will open at the press of the 12th button. Instead to victory you fall through the ground and enter the last zone, and you win.


The beginning can be confusing at first, but the more you play, the easier it gets. The first room is the only room that is really hard. In the tower section with the 6th button, players must do a head hitter and land on the platform, otherwise they will be late.


  • The map was based of a dream the creator had.
  • This is the most fast paced level out of any that noeties101 has made
  • It has a custom rescue mission
  • It comes before Explorers.
  • It was revamped

Walkthrough and BGM

If You want to see the unrevamped version watch this video


If you want to listen to the music watch this video


If You want to see the revamped version watch this video with the rescue mission watch this video