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The Festive Tank is an event tank that can be purchased from the Store for 350 Coins, though the tank is only available during the Christmas season. It cannot be purchased during any other time of year.


The Festive Tank is a green tank with the Grass texture, probably to represent the pine needles on a Christmas tree, with glowing neon red and white lights in the middle of it. The top of this tank is yellow foil.


  • Looking at the Festive Tank, it resembles a Christmas tree. The grass material are pine tree leaves, the neons are Christmas lights, and the yellow top is the gold star.
  • This tank used to be one of the rarest tanks in the game, but since the 2018 Christmas Update, this tank has now become more common to find someone that is wearing it.
  • You can wear it all the time, not just when the Christmas update is around.
  • This tank looks similar to the rainbow tank.
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