Flood Escape 2 is a parkour game created by Crazyblox Games. It is the second game that has been created in this series, its predecessor is Flood Escape.


Flood Escape 2 is a successor of Flood Escape, made by Crazyblox. Maps are bigger at this point. You need to go through the maps, while keeping your air above 0.

To escape, you or your friends must press buttons to pass any obstacles on the map and go to the End Zone. Surviving a map will give you XP and Coins. You can level up with enough XP, which earns you 5 Gems.


There are 3 different liquids. These are; Water, Acid and Lava.

  • Water slowly takes away your air. It does not instantly kill you, unlike in Flood Escape
  • Acid that takes away your air faster than air.
  • Lava will instantly kill you.


Maps are categorized by difficulty: Easy, Normal, Hard, Insane and Crazy. The Crazy difficulty was the only difficulty that wasn't in the game when it was released.


The Store can be used to buy Auras, Tanks, Emotes, Buddies and Skins with Currency.


Flood Escape 2 Trailer

Flood Escape 2 Trailer

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