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Flood Island is a Normal Map created by Crazyblox. It has a total of 3 Buttons (2 standard & 1 group). It is currently playable in Flood Escape 2.


The map is, as stated by its name, is located in an island in the middle of the sea. Players spawn on a crate floating on the water. Then, players have to swim to the beach and press the first button to open the gate. At some places, metal or rock can be seen. Throughout the map, you can see palm trees, giving the island a more, tropical feeling. At the end of the map, you can see a helipad, which is the safe zone.


  • Before a recent update, Flood Island did not have a thunderstorm effect, which included the wind effect as well so the map looked like it was set in the day.
  • This map's OST has been used in the game's trailer.
  • This map is one of the few maps where the lava covers every surface except for the end.
  • The acid turns to lava and rises quickly, killing off slower, and newer players.
  • At the end of the map instead of climbing unto the helipad, players can use the Headspin emote to waste time or troll players. Water does not harm players unless it touches the head.
  • Some players walk on the cables connected to the first button to the entrance door. This claims that players challenge themselves to walk the cables without falling off. However, doing this consumes a lot of time, and when the stone wall caves in it is almost impossible to stay on the cable, some players do this to use a shortcut to the 2nd button by doing a wall hop or backjump.
  • There is a shortcut right at the end of the third button where you can "wall jump" to the wooden platform where the button is.
  • No Buttons Challenge (NBC) was possible in this map. This includes glitching, and shortcuts. However if a player does this, you will not be able to actually complete the map, and earn your XP, because of Crazyblox not allowing players to finish a map without all buttons due to exploiters.
  • This map has only 3 buttons, being one of the maps with few buttons along with Lost Woods.
  • In a Twitter post[1], it was revealed this map was once called "Beach".
  • In the Halloween update, there are now multiple thunderstorms instead of only 2.
  • The map has yet to be given an updated image after the thunderstorm update. The reason why it hasn't been updated yet is unknown, but it's most likely never going to be implemented to the game.*Flood Island's image is used in the "Lost Page Collector" badge.
  • If a rescue mission is activated on this map, the escapee will be located to the right of the first button, on some changed terrain.
  • During a Lost Page Map Event, the Lost Page will be found inside a large crate in the area behind the large barricaded door. Players must first press the last button in order access the area.


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