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Forsaken Era is an Easy Map made by ElectroBlast199. It has 6 buttons and can be played in across all of Flood Escape 2. It was added to the game on May 17, 2021.


This map takes place in the ruins of a temple and it's consistent with its theme and design. According to the backstory of the map, the gods have decided to flood the temple to signify the end of the era and they have ordered you to flee and abandon the temple or die along with it. The first part of the map takes place inside the large temple, where water canals can be seen. After getting out of the now-flooded temple, a tower climbing part on the hills awaits the player. This place is decorated with pebble paths, a giant statue, and leaf particles floating everywhere. At the exit region, you can grasp a good look of the whole map from the top as you are presented with a dark cavern that appears to be the way out. This map is one of the more harder Easy maps.


  • This map has the same aesthetics as Realm of the Ancient Gods, but it was made long after Forsaken Era.
  • This map was made 3 years before it got added to the game.
  • This is the seventh Easy Map added to Flood Escape 2.
  • The statue in the outside area is non-collidable.
  • The door opening noises can be heard in the Lobby.
  • On this map's 3 year anniversary, the map received an update which was stated on the Crazyblox Games Forums.
    • This update was carried over to Flood Escape 2 on the July 12th, 2021 update.
      • When Forsaken Era got revamped, its thumbnail was changed to a picture of an older version of the map.
  • The in-game soundtrack was released on Roblox Library 10 days before the map was officially added.
  • This is the second map in Flood Escape 2 made by ElectroBlast199, the first being Mysterium.
  • Even before being added, Forsaken Era had high expectations and was among speculation.
  • This is the second map added to Flood Escape 2 in 2021. The first being Magmatic Mines.
  • During a Lost Page Map Event, the Lost Page will be found in the fifth button's room. To reach it, jump into the water to the right immediately after entering the room.
    • The Lost Page used to be found in the 4th button's room but it was relocated when the map got revamped.
  • If a rescue mission is activated on this map, the escapee will be located on a new platform above the door to the outside section of the map.
    • Before 10/23/21, this map was the only map to not include a rescue event.


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