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Flood Escape 2 (or FE2 for short) is a parkour-adventure game created by Crazyblox Games. It is the second game that has been created in this series, its predecessor is Flood Escape.


Escape the flood! Run, leap, slide and zipline through 36 open themed maps to avoid water, acid and lava! Rescue others, collect lost pages, earn XP, level up, buy items and become the best!


Flood Escape 2 is the successor of Flood Escape, made by Crazyblox Games and is much more open, versatile and larger than the original. You need to go through the maps, while keeping your air up. You will fail a round if the bar depletes, causing you to drown.

To escape, you and your friends, and up to 14 other people must press buttons to pass any obstacles on the map and get to the End Zone. Surviving a map will give you XP and Coins (and if you use the VIP gamepass, you can also get Gems). You can level up with enough XP, which earns you 5 Gems.


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There are 3 different liquids. These are; Water, Acid and Lava.

  • Water takes your air slowly, at 8 air a second. This means that you have 12.5 seconds until you die if you start from 100 air and 50 seconds if you start with a full air tank and air. Unlike in Flood Escape, water does not instantly kill you.
  • Acid that takes away your air faster than water, at a speed of 33 air a second. This means that you have around 3 seconds until you die if you start at full air and around 12.1 seconds if you have full air and an air tank. This is roughly 4 times faster at killing you than water.
  • Lava will instantly kill you.
  • You will only start to lose air/die if the liquid gets to your avatar's head or higher. This is why, in some maps, if you use the Oof Emote or slide, you lose small amounts of air. This is also why, in Beneath The Ruins, in the second room which contains the second and third button, you can stand on the pipe without dying to lava.


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Maps are categorized by difficulty: Easy, Normal, Hard, Insane, Crazy and Crazy+ (FE2CM only). The more players survive in a round, the higher the Intensity will be. If the intensity is high then harder maps will soon start to appear which will be a challenge to the player. The Crazy and Crazy+ difficulties are currently the only difficulties that wasn't in the game when it was first released.


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There are many things you can buy in the Store. From decorative tanks to skins. From emotes to buddies. You can buy items as long as you have either enough coins or gems, the two types of currency in the game.

Bloxy Awards

The game's popularity has resulted in 6 nominations across 2 Bloxy Awards events, of which 2 awards were won.

Award Event Result
Best Team Multiplayer Game 5th Annual Bloxy Awards Won
Favorite Map 5th Annual Bloxy Awards Nominated
Best Lobby 5th Annual Bloxy Awards Nominated
Mobile Game of the Year 5th Annual Bloxy Awards Nominated
Best Lobby 6th Annual Bloxys Nominated
Xbox Game of the Year 6th Annual Bloxys Won


  • The Axiom Thumbnail is the first thumbnail of Flood Escape 2 as evidenced by the Flood Escape 2 (2017 Release).
  • The logo's font is the 'Russel Square' font.
  • After FE2 won the the 'Xbox Game of the Year' category on the 6th Annual Bloxys, Crazyblox celebrated by releasing the BLOXY skin which can only be redeemed with a code.
  • On the October 23rd, 2021 Halloween Update, the font used in-game was changed from "Highway Gothic" to "Ubuntu".
  • The Alpha version of FE2 used to be playable, under the name "FE2 Alpha". It contains the very old versions of the lobby and some of the original maps.


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