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Gamepasses are purchasable, one-time products that give you anything from voting any map without unlocking it first, to doubling your boosts with the price of one, and even exclusive items in the Store. Note that these products can only be bought with Robux.

List of Gamepasses

Gamepass Description Cost Rewards Image
VIP Earn Gems during gameplay and get exclusive access to the following items:

Levitate Emote, Flood Sword Tank, FE1 Guide Skin, Crazyblox Games Pixels Aura.

Robux.png 1,200 Crazyblox Pixels (VIP)

Flood Sword (VIP)


Crazyblox Logo (VIP)

Guide (VIP)

Gems awarded during gameplay

Boombox Lets you play your favorite Roblox Sound ID's in game! Robux.png 400 Flood Boombox

Play any song that you desire.

All Maps Access Gain access to vote all maps without needing to pay to unlock! Robux.png 600 Unlock any map without spending any coins. AllMapsAccessGamepassImage.png
X2 Intensity Boost Whenever you pay to boost the intensity you will add a second stack to the boost for free! Robux.png 800 Doubles your Intensity Boosts! X2 Intenisty gamepass.png

Exclusive Gamepasses

Gamepass Description Cost Rewards Image
Starterpack N/A Robux.png 250 Robux 600 Coins

300 Gems

6000 XP

Vaporwave Trail



  • Lilltea1 was the person who suggested the "All Maps Access" gamepass.
  • The Starterpack is only available to each player for a week.
  • In the old FE2 Testing, there is a Gamepass called "test1" and can be bought for 1 Robux. It can still be bought as of this writing but the gamepass servers no purpose. It also has the Beneath The Ruins badge icon as the image of the gamepass.
  • You could use gamepasses from the main game to FE2CM, which means FE2CM still shares data with the main game but only on gamepasses.
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