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Gloomy Manor is a community-made Insane Map created by rareheaddress. It has a total of 10 Buttons (6 standard & 4 group). This map is currently playable in Flood Escape 2 and its older version can be played in FE2 Community Maps.


The map takes place in a secluded manor hidden in the mountains, hence the name. The color scheme of the map is mostly dark colors, accompanied with a blue fog and dark lighting, giving the atmosphere a gloomy and dull feeling. The player spawns outside the manor, with a broken bridge and the first 2 buttons hidden up around the roof and peaks. The manor has multiple rooms, one has a lava pit while some are mostly on parkour. After the last button has been pressed, the player will exit the manor and will be greeted with a large lava pit. There are several earth pillars and wooden platforms that are erected above the pit. The exit is a small wooden shed at the other side of the pit.


  • This map, along with Fallen, have a total of 10 buttons, making it the two maps with the most buttons within the game.
  • Behind the shed at the end of the map, there is a picture of a muscular WoodReviewer, which also appears in the wrecked ship in Decrepit Seas and below the last few platforms in Wild Savannah.
  • Because this map is so tightly spaced, there are several shortcuts that can reduce completion time.
  • This map was in FE2 Community Maps, and was switched many times with other of rareheaddress’s maps until he released a map pack containing every other of his maps and their older versions.
  • This map uses a name of a mansion from the game "Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon".
    • The map's BGM was also originally the theme used in the Luigi's Mansion stage in Super Smash Bros Brawl, meaning it could be speculated that it's mainly inspired by the mansion in the game.
  • Once you are inside of the manor, you will see pictures of various maps in FE2. For example, in the second room, you will see a picture of Flood Island and Snowy Peaks.
  • The arrow next to the second button is used by some people to troll as the lava can't reach them there.
  • Players mostly die in this map by missing a platform, rather than the lava flooding a room.
  • The painting found in the main room of the manor on the right next to Lost Desert painting is Painted World, an Insane community map made created by OriLePorytronic.
  • On an older version of the map, a Boo and Luigi painting can be found in the 3rd button room and the 7th button room respectively. They were both removed due to copyright concerns and for the game to be available in Xbox.
  • In the main room, inside the manor, you will see a diamond shaped floor. Once the 6th button is pressed, the floor will make a hollow gap. You cannot fall in, however, as there is an invisible brick over it.
  • Gloomy Manor used to be one of the most frequent Insane maps that can appear in a round, alongside Familiar Ruins, Abandoned Facility, Lost Desert. This was changed when the Voting System was added.
  • On August 31, 2020, Twitter user Christopher Semler made a playset for Gloomy Manor, you can find the video here.
  • In the Agility Update, the map has been buffed. You must now slide under an obstacle to enter the 8th button's room, to access the 6th button, and you must now zipline on the path to the exit.
    • Players were supposed to slide under the door to enter the mansion but it got removed in the Phase 2 of the Agility Update.
    • This is one of the 4 Insane Maps not to contain any wall jumps the first being Familiar Ruins the second being Lost Desert and the fourth being Sinking Ship.
  • If a rescue mission is activated on this map, the escapee will be located by the normal route to the second button on some changed terrain.
    • The escapee for this map is a skeleton instead of a randomly selected avatar. This is the same with Graveyard Cliffside.


Walkthrough and OST

Gloomy Manor OST
Duration Composer Roblox Library ID Audio
1:58 Manel Navola 1038695182
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