Graveyard Cliffside is a Hard map made by Flood Escape 2 game creator Crazyblox. Previously, it had 6 Buttons and 2 Group Buttons.


This map has eight buttons, both focusing on obstacles and buttons, another example is Castle Tides, but steps made easier. This map is unique due to design, obstacles and the ghost barrier. There is normal lava (Magma), but it never rises.

As the name suggests, gravestones and small tombs appear on the map. A cemetery-like place but placed on cliffs. Grey shade and dark-green grass will be encountered due to an Autumn climate.

This map has now been updated for Halloween. Ghosts are coming from the gravestones. Lava has been changed. Some areas of grass are light brown and more dead bushes to give a more creepy vibe. The building inside has been decorated with pillars, a carpet, and now a pool of lava if you slip up on those jumps.


  • The wall jump at the right is now used more frequently, due to the fact the shortcut has been patched for the updated version.
  • The second and the last button are the most difficult buttons to press, due to long jumps and astonishingly annoying ladders to go down, respectively.
  • The lava wall has a unique decal unlike most other maps, which is 'Ghosts'.
  • When you go to the parkour to press the 2nd button, you may see 2 ‘neon’ boxes stacked together. They look similar to Cave System's boxes in the beginning and near to the end.
  • People spread rumors that this map would get replaced with Beneath The Ruins, but this was proven false after Crazyblox buffed it to an Insane Map and Graveyard Cliffside remained.
  • This map's display screen in the lobby didn't show the picture for Graveyard Cliffside after release.
  • This was the only map with a liquid wall before Poisonous Valley got introduced into the game.
  • Before the Halloween 2018 update, this map was very different, the main change for the Halloween 2018 update was changing the map, it is now slightly harder, longer and very different. It is almost like a different level.
  • This map used to have the same OST as Gloomy Manor, which is now replaced by a more intricate and fitting OST.
    • However, you can still hear parts of Gloomy Manor's OST towards the middle of the OST (normally when you are near the seventh button)

Walkthrough and OST

-FE2- Graveyard Cliffside -Hard- -Halloween- -Solo-

-FE2- Graveyard Cliffside -Hard- -Halloween- -Solo-

Flood Escape 2 OST - Graveyard Cliffside

Flood Escape 2 OST - Graveyard Cliffside

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