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Graveyard Cliffside is a Hard Map made by Crazyblox. It has 6 standard Buttons and 2 Group Buttons. Before being revamped in the Halloween update, it had 7 buttons.


This map is a Halloween-themed and, as suggested by its name, is located on graveyard. This map is unique due to design, obstacles and the ghost barrier. There is normal lava, but it never rises.

As the name suggests, gravestones appear on the map. A cemetery-like place but placed on the cliffs. Grey shade and dark-green grass will be encountered due to the Autumn climate.

This map had been updated for Halloween. Ghosts are coming from the gravestones. Lava has been changed. Some areas of grass are light brown and more dead bushes to give a more creepy vibe. The building inside has been decorated with pillars, a carpet, and a pool of lava which can be a threat if you slip up on those jumps.


  • There used to be a shortcut where you could jump from the first button, skipping the wall jumps, but it since has been patched.
  • The 2nd button is considered by many players the most difficult button to press, due to long jumps.
  • The lava wall has a unique decal unlike most other maps, which is 'Ghosts'.
  • When you go to the parkour to press the 2nd button, you may see 2 ‘neon’ boxes stacked together. They look similar to Cave System's boxes in the beginning and near to the end.
  • People spread rumors that this map would get replaced by Beneath the Ruins, but this was proven false after Crazyblox buffed it to an Insane Map and Graveyard Cliffside remained.
  • This map's display screen in the lobby didn't show the picture for Graveyard Cliffside after release.
  • This used to be the only map with a wall of liquid until Poisonous Valley was added.
  • Before the Halloween 2018 update, this map was very different, the map used to be a little more darker and had less details. The main change for the Halloween 2018 update was revamping the map, it is now slightly harder, longer and very different.
  • This map used to have the same OST as Gloomy Manor, which is now replaced by a more intricate and fitting OST.
    • However, you can still hear parts of Gloomy Manor's OST towards the middle of the OST (normally when you are near the seventh button)
    • In a 2017 stream Crazyblox did for this map's development, he used the Spooky Scary Skeleton's song as a placeholder for the BGM at the time.
  • On January 28, 2021, a picture[1] was reposted on Discord. It shows a beta image of Graveyard Cliffside.
    • It was also discovered that 3 more images[2][3][4] where posted on Twitter showing the old development of Graveyard Cliffside.
  • In the Agility Update, the map got buffed. You must now slide under a wall to enter the 2nd button's room and to press the last button. You must also now zipline to press the 6th button.
  • If a rescue mission is activated on this map, the escapee will be located on a platform near the sixth button.
    • The escapee for this map is a skeleton instead of a randomly selected avatar. The same happens in Gloomy Manor.
  • During a Lost Page Map Event, the Lost Page will be found under the 7th button's platform.
  • This map was planned to be replaced by Unnamed Halloween Map, But that was until Unnamed Halloween Map was discontinued for unknown reasons.


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