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The Group Buttons Event is a map event that occasionally occur while playing Flood Escape 2. In this event, all of the buttons in the map will be changed to group buttons. This event was added into the game on June 23, 2021.


The Group Buttons event notification

Occasionally, the game notifies you that the current map event is the Group Buttons event. When the event is active, the current map's buttons will be changed to group buttons where a minimum of 27.5% of all players (rounded up) must press the button to advance, with a max of 2 presses for a full 14 player server. If a player helps in pressing a group button, they will be awarded 20 XP. This event will make the map more challenging as more players are required to press the buttons. As players die, the requirement of the group buttons will scale down accordingly so that it will not be impossible for the remaining players to fully press the buttons.


  • This is the second Map Event added to the game.
  • Because of this event, the gameplay will be very similar to Chaos Servers.
    • This event is also not available in Chaos Servers as every button there is already group buttons.
  • This is the only Map Event to not have at least 2 possible notifications during a round.
  • This event is said to be one of the most hated Map Events in the community.
  • On December 9, 2021, this event was disabled from activating on Crazy Maps.
  • On April 1, 2022, the behavior of group buttons have been changed. The maximum amount of presses for a group button is now lowered to 2. This rule only applies in the Pro, Chill, and Normal servers.
  • Even after all of that Dark Sci-Facility and Familiar Ruins will still be a tough of a Challenge.

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