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Humble Jungle was originally an upcoming Easy Map created by Crazyblox. The number of standard buttons was somewhere around 4. Sadly this map got discontinued via a Discord post.


The overall setting of Humble Jungle is in the middle of a small, flooding jungle. Players must climb many areas and ledges to get to the buttons. However, the jumps are very simple and easy to navigate as this is an easy map.

Players first drop down from the spawn area to an open area where 2 of the buttons currently are seen.

Not much more has been said about this map due to it being discontinued, and the latest news was back in April of 2020.


  • This is one of the few maps Crazyblox has built on a stream.
  • This map was supposed to be the 2nd Easy map built by Crazyblox, however it never got finished.
  • This map was an upcoming map back all the way since December 3, 2018 before its cancellation.
  • Crazyblox stated in his most recent stream about this map that there is a Death Pit, and was going to be a new feature to the game but it got discontinued along with the map.
  • This map was going to have the same trees as Flood Island.
  • There is a clip from one of Crazyblox's streams showing a water error and a bit of the gameplay. Click here to see the clip.
  • It was discovered that this map was discontinued by a former mod (before he lost his rank), you can find it here.
  • On 4/8/2021, Cam0Dev, a well known map maker, recreated this map, along with Unnamed Underwater Map, & Purple Sector. They can be found in the same ID.
  • maddilan6 recreated the totems seen in the map, and also uploaded the trees seen in the map as well


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