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Hyperspace is a Crazy map created by Aspa102. It is known for its extreme difficulty. It has 5 Buttons and can be played in FE2 Map Test, and can't be played in the main game. There is a map that is a second verison to this map called Hyperspace Station.


1st Room : The spawn room, takes place in a dark unknown place with a couple of boxes and a passage to a second room with purple lava.

2nd Room: A room with Core-like style, blue outlines on platforms and a couple of boxes, the first button takes place here and requires extreme speed to pass. At this point (and from now on) the lava is blue.

3rd Room: A dark room with a couple of boxes sinking in lava and blue glowing trusses. The second button takes place here, like the 2nd room, this room also requires extreme speed to pass. The platforming is generic though.

4th Room: Starts with rainbow wall jumps and red glowing trusses in a "tower jump" obstacle styles. With blue glowing platforms and decorated pipes. The room ends with acid swimming segment which requires crucial timing.

Acid Swimming Segment: After 4th room, you have to swim through acid with multiple air tanks and passage-blocking pipes and a button with a couple of boxes, though this segment was considered to be the easiest. The reason is that it's meant as a break.

5th Room: The final room, this room has black platforms, though they are basic. This room requires yet again crucial timing jumps, 1x1x1-stud platform jump with blue glowing lava rising at extreme speed, yellow trusses, and blue glowing platforms. The End Zone has yellow particles, this is the hardest part of the map.


  • This map was an Insane map before Crazy difficulty was added.
  • In the first room you must be very quick or the lava will flood fast.

Walkthrough and OST


FE2 Map Test Hyperspace by Aspa102 (Insane)


Waterflame - Ghost train (HD)-2

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