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Infiltration is a Normal Map made by Crazyblox. It has a total of 7 Buttons (5 standard & 2 group) and is playable in Flood Escape 2.


The map takes place in a facility hidden underground where the entrance can only be accessed via a large pipe. Players are spawned in a small cave and they have to press 3 buttons scattered across an open area to access the facility. Then, players enter a set of wide passageways, with a few jumps. In the final room, you can see an emergency light is activated, possibly because of the flood. You have to press the 2 remaining buttons to escape before the acid turns to lava and kills you. The map uses modeling and decoration similarly to the original Flood Escape.

Button Amount Roundup

There are 7 Buttons.

Standard Buttons = 80.68%

Group Buttons = 19.32%


  • The map's name 'Infiltration' is similar to the some of the names of the maps from the original Flood Escape game.
  • Crazyblox first started development on this map on March 6, 2017, and posted 1 tweet with 1 photo[1].
  • The door to the final room closes after the water in the hallway has risen and turned into acid. This means that if the server is quick in pressing buttons, the door could close before the water has risen to it, but if the server is slow, the acid could rise completely before the door closes.
  • The door blocking the 5th button is non-collidable.
  • In the 5th button's room, there is a way to Troll other players by standing on a doorway that the Acid doesn't reach.
  • Before the Agility Update, the outside area of the map was shown on a screen in the 1st room in Abandoned Facility. Because of this, many players theorize its connection with Abandoned Facility. In the Agility Update, the screen was removed and is replaced by the Distress Call Detector Machine. It's the same machine that can be found in the Lobby.
  • Ladder jumping, a trick used in the game that allows players to move up ladders quickly, does not work on the ladder leading to the 3rd button. This is fixed now, as the ladder has been changed to a truss.
  • There is a massive shortcut to get the sixth button. In the final room, instead of going around the room to get the button, shift-lock sideways and jump from the small platform with trusses to the platform with the sixth button. Using this trick (short-cut) does save a lot of time, but the jump is on the hard side and can be tricky to achieve with out practice.
  • Infiltration is the first Normal map added to Flood Escape 2.
  • This map has a total of 38 boxes.
  • If a rescue mission on this map is activated, the escapee will be located in the corner of the last room.
  • During a Lost Page Map Event, the Lost Page will be found behind the big pile of boxes in the first room.


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