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Long Jump Jumble is a community-made insane map by Az_etox (aka Acetxo). It only has 1 standard button & 3 group buttons, and is playable in FE2 Community Maps.


Like any other usual map mix that is playable in FE2 Community Maps, Long Jump Jumble is a map mix that consists of 18 different sections. However, unlike any other generic map mix, this map mix is focused on long jumps and is made as a corridor/hall.

Here are the list of sections that are included in the map:

  1. Original section (Inspired by map layouts)
  2. Dark Sci-Facility by Crazyblox
  3. Original section (no inspirations)
  4. Original section (no inspirations)
  5. Overdrive by creeperreaper487
  6. The Overflow by KayoLuvsMayo
  7. Dystopia by Enszo, Grande_Tony, and TWB_92
  8. Original section (no inspirations)
  9. Original section (with an "Abandoned Quarry (by Az_etox)" look)
  10. Inferno Tower by Az_etox
  11. Flood Island by Crazyblox
  12. Time Machine by Enszo and ninjadudethecoolone
  13. Axiom by bouyantair
  14. Turkeyhood Estate by Irla_stas
  15. Blue Moon by disney12
  16. The Bunker by Poltione
  17. Surreality by nawkoir and HexagonP
  18. Omni by euipmento (Another map mix)


  • The creator planned to create a sequel, but it got cancelled.
  • The idea of the map was made way back in March 2019 (Before The Doors was made).
  • The map was made after the creator made another map mix that consists several original & inspired maps, unfortunately the scripts broke everything and it's discontinued.
  • Several updates were planned, yet never got executed due to no motivation.

Walkthrough and BGM