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Lost Desert is an Insane Map created by rareheaddress. It has 7 standard buttons and 1 group button. It is currently playable in Flood Escape 2 and its old and previous version can be played at FE2 Community Maps.


Lost Desert takes place in a desert as is suggested by its name, it is filled with cacti, pillars, dust and lots of sand. It comprises many hard jumps, which isn't made easier with all the sand blowing on your face. There are lots of wooden boards, that lead off of the main path to get buttons, because of the thin stone rod jumps that appear, most players do not survive. Falling on this part will most likely result in failure. The first half of the map takes place outside and then continues inside the temple. Here on the inside, you can find walls decorated with hieroglyphics (since it can't exactly display such, they are replaced by random symbols). There are many hard jumps and thin boards, and falling here can land you in lava and drown. In 2018, the map got revamped which changes the textures of some parts in the map and the addition of pillars and a sandstorm.


  • This map used to be playable in FE2 Community Maps under the name of Gloomy Manor on the search results, but returned to its original state later on.
  • Lost Desert was one of the maps added during FE2’s alpha stages. (according to one of Pomdigna123’s videos, uploaded on August 16, 2017)
  • During FE2's alpha stages and in the 2017 release, Lost Desert was set during the night time.
  • In the old version of this map, the trusses and planks leading to the 3rd button used to be different. In the old version, the trusses were much smaller, and the planks had slightly different positions. Also, if the last button hasn't been pressed yet, the wooden plank where you have to walk to get to the exit will be visible but it isn't collidable, which confused many players believing that the button has already been pressed.
  • Midway towards the temple, there's an area with thin poles for the escapees to cross, but due to the pole’s size, many players will fall there.
  • If you are on the Escapee's platform and look down, you can see that the cacti and pillars' positions form an old meme called the "Loss".
  • Lost Desert is known as a rhythm-based map, due to how water and the song cooperates. When the drop begins, the water on the outside desert turns into acid. And once you are at the last room, and another drop begins, lava will start racing towards the player.
  • This map was heavily revamped in an FE2 update on May 3, 2018, adding pillars, changed materials on some parts, re-colored the sand, changed cacti positions on the bottom part of the desert, slightly altered gameplay, daytime occurrence, lava changes on the tower, dust particles, etc.
    • Before it was released however, Crazyblox posted 2 meme images[1][2], first one has Big Smoke looking over the map, second one is the Loss meme formed by cacti and pillars, He also posted 2 regular images[3][4].
  • The map's thumbnail never updated even after it was revamped.
  • Once you fall down from the stone rod area, you may still have another chance to get inside the temple unless the liquid form during that time was acid. This concludes that you only have two attempts to get inside the temple.
  • There is a cactus that you may jump on while waiting for somebody to press the first button; when the button is pressed, the cactus allows you to jump on the wooden plank that spawns, giving an advantage against other players.
  • This map became noticeably harder to survive after a change in Roblox physics, two examples are the ladders and the poles.
  • Even if Lost Desert is considered the 6th hardest map in the game, it is still much easier compared to the 5 maps harder than it in the game (Sinking Ship, Beneath the Ruins, Dark Sci-Facility, Blue Moon and Poisonous Chasm).
  • In the Agility Update, this map has been buffed. You will now have to zipline to the 1st button. Some of the jumps have been made harder and the map also has the sliding mechanic and you must slide on your way to the 2nd button and after pressing the 4th button.
  • If a rescue mission is activated on this map, the escapee will be located in front of the gate of the temple.


Walkthrough and OST

Lost Desert OST
Duration Composer Roblox Library ID Audio
2:03 Manel Navola 1128424672


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