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Lost Pages are collectibles found in Easy, Normal and Hard maps in Flood Escape 2 during a Lost Page Map Event. They were first added during the Metaverse Champions event. During the Metaverse Champions event, collecting 10 of these will award you the Metaverse Champions badge and an item: Fey's Terror Case #2.

On April 29, 2021, Week 2 ended, taking the badge out of commission. Lost pages can be still be collected regardless.


A Lost Page is seen as a small, old page with a faint, blue aura encasing it. When a player collects it, it fades away as it is being collected.

Map Event

The Lost Page map event is one of three map events currently in the game. When this is the current map event, a lost page would spawn somewhere in the map. If a player collects it, the player will be rewarded with 50 XP.

Related Badges

Name Image Description Currently Obtainable?
[Metaverse Week 2] Fey: Lost Pages
Collect 10 Lost Pages from any individual Map in Easy, Med & Hard Difficulty! This badge will award Fey's Week 2 Case. No
Lost Page Collector
Collect 15 Lost Pages! Yes


Name Difficulty Location
Lost Woods Easy Above the trunk containing the second button
Axiom Easy Behind a box at the final floor just as you enter
Castle Tides Easy The waterfall at the first area
Poisonous Valley Easy Behind the campfire after pressing the second button
Marred Dreams Easy Beneath the spawn area
Buried Oasis Easy Before the door to the final area
When you jump down from the 5th and 6th buttons' room, turn around and you can see the page behind a punctured wall.
Forsaken Era Easy The fifth button's room
To reach it, jump into the water to the right immediately after entering the room.
Polar Industry Easy Behind a few boxes across from the fourth button
Infiltration Normal Behind the crate tower en route to the second button
Cave System Normal The underwater section, tucked away in a corner from the second button
Flood Island Normal On the final stretch to the end
Divert left inside a raft
Oriental Grove Normal Behind 3 creates located infront of the barrier to the entrance of the exit area
Sky Sanctuary Normal Behind a cliff of the island with the final button
Decrepit Seas Normal Below the third button
Mysterium Normal The other side at the start of the map
When you spawn, jump into the water and swim there.
Forgotten Tombs Normal A hole in the hallway to room 2
It is also the same hole that contains the secret button during the Labyrinth event.
Construction Thrill Normal Behind a box in front of the fourth button.
Fall Equinox Normal In front of the waterfall in the first area
Northern Workshop Normal Atop a shelf in the final room, behind the pit that you would fall into
Lava Tower Hard Taking a detour on the path to the last button
Crystal Caverns Hard In the underwater section
It is between the entrance to the seventh button and the last button.
Dark Sci-Forest Hard Submerged in the purple acid at the 2nd area near the truss to the 7th button.
Graveyard Cliffside Hard Under the seventh button's platform
Snowy Peaks Hard The last slidable obstacle
Turn left and climb a truss to the page.
Wild Savannah Hard Pressing the 3rd button
After that, the large gate with the warning sign will open, revealing the page.
Sedimentary Temple Hard Behind a box on the path to the third button
Sunken Citadel Hard The left waterfall en route to the 1st button
Climb a truss to your right (relative to returning to the main path) after pressing it.
Relic Valley Hard Behind the box on the left of the fourth button
Poisonous Forest Hard Behind a crate tower en route to the sixth button
Fallen Insane On a small piece of land behind the wall jump near the 4th button.


If you are aiming to collect every single Lost Page, these tips could prove helpful.

  • Remember that Map Events toggle once every 2 minutes 30 seconds. This means that usually every other round will have any of the Events. So if you are trying to get a Lost Page from a specific map, NEVER vote it if the last map was a Map Event.
  • Use the Chaos Servers if your device can withstand them. This eliminates the possibility of the Group Buttons Event, increasing chances of getting the Lost Page Event. However, if the server is consistently on Insane Maps or above, this will not be useful.
    • Alternatively, you can use Chill Servers as the difficulty is capped at Hard, making it impossible to reach Insane and Crazy maps.


  • Eerie Peaks is the only Easy map without a Lost Page.
  • Fallen is currently the only Insane Map to contain a Lost Page.
  • Lost Pages are still available in the game for collection despite the Metaverse Champions event has ended.
  • Before being converted into a Map Event item, Lost Pages can only be collected once.
  • Forsaken Era's Lost Page used to be in the fourth button's room but it was relocated to the fifth button's room after the map got revamped.
  • Forgotten Tombs's Lost Page is in the same spot as the area from the Labyrinth Event.
  • Lost Pages are essentially a free coin if you know where it is. This is because you get 1 coin for every 50XP (rounded up).



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