Lost Woods is an Easy Map made by YasuYoshida. It has 2 Buttons and 1 Group Button.


The map's design is as the name describes it. The map is mostly green, with stumps and logs to jump on. The modeling work is fitting for a map of easy difficulty, and the gameplay and jumps are simple. Commonly, you have to jump on tree stumps or travel along logs.


  • The map re-uses many models, angling them in different directions.
  • When you press some of the buttons in this map, you will hear an old Zelda game sound after a second or two, but in low frequency.
  • This is named for "Least buttons of all maps," along with Flood Island as they only have three buttons.
  • "Lost Woods" is inspired by a location used in "The Legend of Zelda" that shares the same name.
  • There is a shortcut to the second button in this map by climbing on a destroyed log.
    • An alternative shortcut that many speed-runners use is to climb on the log leading to the same section as the destroyed log, and then press the second button. This shortcut is faster than the other depending on the performance of the trick.
  • There is also a shortcut where you can climb the border of the tunnel leading to the next part.
  • In the third room, there is another shortcut, skipping all of the parkour there.

Due to the ridiculously quick shortcuts, this level can take 34-36 seconds to complete, making this the quickest map to beat in FE2, 2 seconds shorter than Lava Tower.

  • Once the whole map is flooded, go back to the starting area(where the first button is located), there will be an air gap in the area due to _Water1 lacks of size to drown the players.
  • This is the first easy map added to Flood Escape 2.

Walkthrough and OST

Flood Escape 2 - Lost Woods

Flood Escape 2 - Lost Woods

Flood Escape 2 OST - Lost Woods

Flood Escape 2 OST - Lost Woods

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