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Magmatic Mines is a community-made Insane Map created by Shortroundzach. It has total of 7 Buttons (4 standard & 3 group), and is currently playable across all of Flood Escape 2.


Magmatic Mines takes place in an abandoned mining site, with many rooms and caves, including a large mineshaft. The mining site also has a nearby lava like, which is seen to flowing from a nearby volcano. Despite being abandoned, the area is well lit-up by torches and lanterns scattered around the place. Near the end of the map, is a flooded cave, floating in it are boxes, with lava glowing in the cracks. The exit is a small room, with minecart on rail presumably leading to the outside area.


The map starts off at the main tower with another section next to it that starts off with wall jumps. When the 1st button is pressed, you go back to the main tower and jump down as the lava lowers, revealing a button. Once pressed, the players will go back up the mines and start the main tower, which has many minecarts, railings, and torches. Some players say that it reminds them of Sinking Ship because of the similarities. Then, the players go into a cave while doing some parkour and avoiding a falling stalactite. After that, they will go outside revealing a large lava lake with some pipes filled with lava in the background. In order to cross it, players must hop on the minecarts and platforms, and encounter another button. Once pressed, it opens the box containing the Air Bubble, as well as an underwater passage. The water will turn into acid quickly so you must be hasty. As soon as the players come out, one of them must hop onto a platform that has the final button and press it. After that, players can now cross thanks to the plank, and walk all the way to the exit.


  • Magmatic Mines was officially added to FE2 on February 10th, 2021, being the 8th Insane Map in FE2.
  • Magmatic Mines' FE2CM OST was entirely composed by Blastii.
    • When it was officially added into the game, the OST was remastered by Blastii and then remixed by Navola.
  • Magmatic Mines is the fourth map to have the presence of an Air Bubble. The other four maps that include Air Bubbles are Crystal Caverns, Abandoned Facility, and in the removed map, Autumn Hideaway.
  • There's a chance where players fall and land on a platform, they will be ragdolled which can take 2-4 seconds to get up. This can be a problem as the lava rises fast and there's might not be enough time to get up.
  • This is the 3rd map to be able to control the flood with the use of a button, the second being Sunken Citadel, and the first one being Beneath The Ruins.
  • This is the third mineshaft themed map, the second being Poisonous Chasm, and the first one being Mysterium.
  • Magmatic Mines used to be a heavy WIP map.
  • Before Magmatic Mines was added to FE2, it was a Wild (formerly Expert) Map in Flood Escape Mission (formerly Mission: Wave Breakout!). This also happened with an older version of Sunken Citadel.
  • This map still exists in a discontinued fangame called Tide Outbreak. There are some small differences in the version in that fangame.
  • The symbols that you can see on the walls in the 1st room is the same symbols you can see in the final room of Lost Desert.
  • When in the last two rooms, a burning sound can be heard, indicating that the acid has turned into lava and will start rising.
  • In the 1st room, you can see a glowing pipe. Later, it will stop glowing before the lava rises.
  • In the final room, there's a hole in the ground underneath the lava that can lead to the outside of the map. You can access it if you glitch outside the exit.
  • Throughout the map, you can see a lot of magma waterfalls. Similarly to the start of Blue Moon and Poisonous Chasm.
  • This is the second official map made by Shortroundzach. The first being Poisonous Chasm.
  • Magmatic Mines' thumbnail is used in the Rebirth badges.
  • In the Agility Update, the map has been slightly buffed. You must now slide under a fence before entering the giant lava lake and to access the 5th button. Also, the shortcut that allowed you to get the first button without doing the parkour by jumping below the platform has been patched by re-locating the button to the wall.
  • If a Rescue Mission is activated, the escapee will be located underwater near the sixth button.


Walkthrough and OST

Magmatic Mines OST
Duration Composer Roblox Library ID Audio
3:29 Blastii
Manel Navola (remixed)
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